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What to drink , tea or coffee?

Which is better tea or coffee :

Regardless of the place or time, whether it is served in the container, sip in coffee or tea means refreshment. And in the case of these two drinks, there is a harmful chemical element behind this refreshment - caffeine. There are also two close relatives of caffeine, such as tea theraophiline with tea caffeine, theobromine in Cocoa etc. This whole group of caffeine and his relatives is called Jantines. Removal of the genathines, fatigue, fatigue, shrewd thinking This is the quality of the quality. But caffeine identity is different. Caffeine is the kind of 'drug' that accelerates the central nervous system abnormally and this abnormal tension affects many different ways -

- Increases blood fat levels
- causes high blood pressure
- Extra gastric acid secretion
- Increases blood sugar levels
Heartaches often become weird

The amount of damage to the body of caffeine depends mainly on the preparedness of tea, coffee, etc. Generally speaking, it is such that for as long as tea / coffee will dissolve or fuel, the more caffeine mixed in your water. There is a caffeine amount of about 1 cup or about 5 ounces of different beverages -

Coffee: 90-120 milligrams
Tea: 30-60 mg
Cocoa: up to 50 milligrams
Cola drinks: 15-40 milligrams

The amount of caffeine in coffee, half of it in tea. Tea is a bit safer than coffee. But according to some researchers, tea is more dangerous than coffee. The main reason for this kind of opinion is that those who eat tea without milk, in the West, are more likely to have stomach cancer. Nutritious people are saying that skimmed Milk Protein Tea is tainted by tanning, because the thin lickers of skimmed milk with skimmed milk are 2-3 times much safer. But do not drink tea or coffee, before deciding what to say about caffeine -

** Caffeine:

Caffeine is the one that produces more caffeine than tea / coffee. Caffeine causes special problems in children. Children's vulnerability to chocolate, cola drinks etc. is normal. Many parents and parents also give it a try. But once you think, a small chocolate bar contains about 25 milligrams of caffeine and about 40 milligrams in a cola drink. As a child of 7 years (weighing only 27 kg), eating three cola drinks a day is equivalent to eating eight cups of coffee in an elderly person weighing 80 kg! That's why doctors forbade younger children to eat more chocolate, cola drinks. Because in these cases, the incidence of caffeine-related symptoms of bad mood, insomnia etc. increased.

Other caffeine-related symptoms
Different types of cardiovascular diseases can be triggered by accidentally taking additional caffeine. And those who are already suffering from heart disease, caffeine may also cause death in their case. Caffeine is often blamed for the birth problem. Many doctors forbade pregnant women to drink caffeinated drinks. Actually the caffeine's nuclear connection is such that it can also damage the developing embryo by crossing the pregnancy (placenta). American National Cancer Institute Dr. Mulvihil said that caffeine has a role to play in chromosomal changes and the birth of abnormal baby is not impossible.
Many researchers believe that there are caffeine links with symptoms such as anxiety, rough mood, anger, insomnia, gastrics etc.

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