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When do not eat garlic and ginger???

When you do not eat garlic and ginger?

To increase the taste of garlic, garlic load. Not only to increase taste but also to be used as medicine for a long time. Almost every nation in the world uses garlic to cure diseases. Many people say, 'Power House of Medicine and Flavored'. Because the raw or pure garlic koya is released from many diseases due to regular use.

Garlic is not used as a domestic component to reducing hypertension, but it is also effective in preventing heart attack and joint pain. Garlic is very beneficial to many of our physical problems. However, it is not only beneficial in nature, but some physical problems can be increased for some of the properties of garlic. It is good to avoid garlic in some cases, though it is healthy.

Find out when to stay away from garlic -

•• Liver Problems:

If you have liver problems, leave it to eat garlic. Because garlic may increase liver problems.

•• Homeopathy medicines:

Onion, garlic may spoil the functioning of homeopathic medicines. So avoid taking garlic while homeopathic drug courses are done.

•• Low blood pressure:

Avoid garlic if you suffer from low blood pressure problems. Because this food can also cause complications by reducing blood pressure further.

•• Anemia:

Garlic reduces hemoglobin levels in the blood. So if there is anemia problem, remove the garlic from the diet.

•• Indigestion:

Stay away from garlic and oil-spiced food in the face of digestion.

•• Pregnancy Pills:

If you take regular pregnancy pills, refrain from eating excess garlic. Garlic reduces the effect of the pregnancy insulation pills.

• Pregnancy:

Garlic makes the body warm. Excessive garlic during pregnancy gives body temperature. This leads to the possibility of miscarriage.

The use of spices in the cooking takes the taste to another level. It is possible to get only the same stomachs used in vegetables and many medicinal properties. Just as a cold-laced neck is enough to recover a piece to eliminate problems like soreness, cough, arthritis, and vomiting. However, playing ginger in excessive amounts, or eating unevenly, it can cause health damage.

Let's take a look at the four physiological conditions-

• During the use of medicines :

For those who take diabetes or blood pressure medicines, ginger is quite harmful for them. Because, the drugs that are used for these two diseases are harmful to health when it comes to chemical reaction. However, ginger keeps the blood concentration under control. As a result, blood pressure is low.

•• Weighing Problems :

If the weight of the body is less then the use of ada should be very low. Because, the recovery fiber is abundant, which helps in raising the PH level of the body. As a result, the process of digestion is very good. To increase the weight, it is better to remove the ginger.

•• Undergoing pregnancy:

There are several types of fiber available, which strengthen the body muscles. So while pregnant women do not eat ginger and eat well. Especially three months before delivery.

•• Blood problems:

Ginger helps blood circulate on the body. As a result, ginger is beneficial for those who have more weight and diabetes. But ginger is almost poisoned for those who have hemophilia.

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