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When to eat healthy food?

Healthy food eating time

There is no substitute for food to ensure body health. So every day we eat different types of food to meet the needs. These foods meet the needs of the body. There are some foods that eat during the day are beneficial for health. It's better to eat any meal again at night. However, it is necessary to know which foods should be eaten at any time to keep the body healthy. In addition, however, it should be kept in mind about the nutritional quality of the food. Otherwise, after eating nutritious food, there is a lot of health risk.

In this case, find out which foods are useful for eating at any time-

••• Pulses:

Good to eat pulses at night. It increases digestion and reduces cholesterol levels. Besides, it helps to sleep better when playing pulses at night. Again, this pulse plays an important role in raising the taste.

•• Meat:

One of the sources of protein is meat. But meat, especially red mix, does not want to be easily digested. So the meat is better to eat than the night in the day.

••• Apple:

This nutritious fruit is better to eat during the day. There is an element called pectin, which facilitates intestinal activity to prevent constipation. Playing apples in the evening or night, it produces gas in the stomach.

••• Banana:

Due to the abundance of fiber in the colon, it helps digestion. Besides, it is a natural antioxidant, which prevents bleeding. The appropriate time to eat banana is morning or afternoon It's not right to eat at night at night. Playing bananas at night affects the airway, which can result in cold cough. Again, there is a lot of magnesium in it, it can also cause problems in the stomach when playing at night.

••• sour yogurt:

Many people use regular talk yogurt to reduce weight. However, this is a good and effective time to eat yogurt. It also helps digestion. Playing the talk yogurt at night affects the respiratory tract, it causes cold cough.

••• 12 Cheese:

This cheese is a good source of protein. This meal plays in the morning and meets the day's protein needs. But playing cheese at night does not want to be easily digested. This is likely to increase weight.

Sweet foods:

Usually it is better to eat sweet foods in the morning. It provides the strength of day to day work. Sweet diet helps to store fat on the body. Even digestion creates problems. So sweet food is not good to eat at night.

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