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Which foods can prevent old age

 Old age is overwhelming. It will come in everyone's life. But it is a matter of concern that in some people it came very quickly. This makes life dirty. Many people started breaking down from the heart when they started showing signs of aging. But if you try a little bit, many can avoid the old age of old age. Not very difficult, but only on the daily food list, there are five pancake foods below. Then only old age will come in the right time, but it will not affect the youth of old age and the brightness of the skin.

Green vegetables:--

Green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli, pulp spinach, pawea beans, lettuce leaves, cucumbers etc. contain plenty of strong antioxidants. There are also plenty of vitamins 'C', which prevents rapid folding of the skin. Besides, beta-carotene of green leafy vegetables protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Besides, it is also known to all, how beneficial vegetables are for weight control. Even this old leafy vegetable does not allow the contaminated blood of the body to last in the body, even with old age foliage.


The name of Watermelon is the most beneficial result of neuroticism. It works as an aging resident in the body. Along with this, there is selenium, vitamin A, bc and e in watermelon. Besides, there is a lot of useful fat and zinc in the body, which does not allow moisture to fall on old age, From all these components the human body provides the necessary fluid.


Ketabtham, almonds, walnuts and apples are called 'Energy Powerhouse'. Regular nuts play fatigue, jhumuni and laziness every day. It does not mean that you are not old yet, you are not too old.


It makes the body of the body fresh. To say the nutritional quality of potassium, calcium, protein and vitamin B, you have to say. Moreover, its most beneficial ingredient is diary bacteria. Which helps us to keep our digestive system active and also strengthens the immune system. Besides, it is also quite beneficial to maintain the brightness and shine of curd skin. In the body, yogurt acts as a beneficial medicine for fungal diseases. Besides, curry in the hairstyle has been used for many years.

Garlic and ginger:--

Fear of heart disease increases due to aging. And garlic plays a very effective role in removing this fear. Garlic does not tolerate dead cells and unwanted cells. Daily garlic, a lot of garlic, against day-to-day fighting and aging.

There is also the extraordinary ability to fight against old age. It mainly works to keep the digestion process functioning. Moreover, the body keeps the body from exposed to contaminated substances and is free from pollution and freshness.

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