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Why cucumber juice for skin Care???

Cucumber juice for skin :

Our skin gradually lost brightness due to the fact that going out of the house, work pressure, anxiety every day. And sunlight damaged most of the skin. Apart from the rules, cleanliness of the face can also cause damage to the skin. And due to these reasons it is very necessary to take proper care of the skin.

However, natural ingredients can always work best with skin care. Cucumbers can be used in this case. It provides vitamin side as well as protecting the skin. As a result the skin is bright and continuous.

Let's know, there are a number of natural ingredients mixed with granite juice and the way to take care of skin while sitting in the house.

•• With lemon juice:

Mix three tablespoons of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon lemon juice. These two components must be mixed very well. Put the mixture in a glass container. Use this mixture several times throughout the day. Use this mixture twice a week to get a bright skin.

•• With Green Tea:

Green peas will be mixed in a cup of hot water. To keep it cool down the fan. Take 2-3 table spoons of juice mixed with 11 tablespoons of green juice. Now you have to pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Use it with a clean face.

•• Aloe vera with gel :

Two table spoons of juice, one table spoon Alovera must be mixed with the gel. These two components must be mixed very well. Take a small piece of cotton and mix it in the mouth. This mixture has to face several times throughout the day.

•• With tomatoes:

Mix one teaspoon of tomato juice with one tablespoon of gram with a teaspoon of tomato juice. Now these two components have to be mixed well. Use this mixture at least once a day.

•• With glycerin:

Mix one teaspoon of sugar with half teaspoon of glycerine with gram flour. Now these two components should be mixed well. Now put in a spray bottle. Apply this mixture once a day to get a bright and soft skin.

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