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Why salad everyday and how much to eat??

Eating our food means eating oil, fat and spicy foods. Wherever you go to your home oil spices can not be avoided. After eating so much oil spices, there is a lot of discomfort. So while eating oily food it is very good to eat fresh fruits or vegetables salad. Playing fresh vegetables or fruit salad makes myself quite fresh. Besides, playing salad also fill the stomach a bit. As a result, the possibility of eating extra is reduced. Salad contains fewer calories and plenty of vitamins. So salad is a very useful diet for health. Let us see the benefits of eating salad with meals every day.

1.Eyes well:

Parsley leaves, leftover leaves, carrots contain plenty of vitamin A, lutein and giacinantin. And these components are very useful for eye health. Vitamin Vision helps keep energy strong. Lutyen and Giacenstein protect the eyes from the loss of 6. So regular salad plays a good vision.

2.Prevention of cancer:

A study by the University of Southport in England found that people who regularly salad on the food list, have low risk of their cancer compared to others. Salad also prevents the growth of tumor cells. Consequently, cancer can not spread rapidly.

3.Keeps the heart healthy:

Salad is usually made from vegetables or fruits. Fresh vegetables and colorful fruits are very beneficial for the heart. Apart from regular vegetables and fruits, the levels of blood cholesterol levels decrease. So keeping salad in the food list every day, the risk of heart disease reduces and decreases the risk of stroke.

4.Reduces the risk of diabetes:

Using saliva, palanquin spinach or lettuce leaves with salad will reduce the risk of diabetes. Studies have shown that the risk of type 2 diabetes increases due to lack of magnesium in the body. Regularly eating salad regularly, about 16% of daily calcium needs are met. So if you keep a salad with meals every day, the risk of diabetes is greatly reduced.

5.Lose weight:

Those who are suffering from weight problems are regularly salad khan. Salad has plenty of fiber. There are also plenty of vitamins in fruit or vegetable salad. By eating less salts than other meals daily, the body will lack vitamin and reduce calories as well. As a result the weight will be controlled.

•••  How much salad eat every day?

Keep half a salad of meals every day and the other half of the meal. However, with salad, you can give a little olive oil or simply onion, pepper and salt to the vegetable salad without using cream, cheese or mayonnaise. Maybe a little sesame oil can be given. You can also use lemon, coriander leaves and mint leaves for taste.

••• What do you eat salad?

You can create salad with any kind of fruits and vegetables that can be eaten raw. Excellent salad may be made from cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and various seasonal fruits in our country's context.

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