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Why swimming is best exercise?

Benefits of swimming :

Regular swim cuts lung and hormonal performance. Studies have shown that half of the jobless people are afraid of the death of a swimmer. If the person swims regularly for two and a half hours a week, then the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. will be reduced to the risk of long-term non-invasive diseases. Currently, people swimming in the city are fewer now.

But swim has many health benefits. When all of the joints and muscles of the body are balanced in the use of swimming. It increases the muscular efficiency and strength, increases the flexibility of the joint and ligaments. Swimming is an effective exercise for patients with arthritis and spondylitis. Especially in the treatment of ankylosizing spondylitis, traumatic problem of swimming is a significant medical condition. An Alternative System for Swimming For Those Who Can not Walk.

Swimming increases the efficiency or strength of the lungs. It is proven that the swelling of six weeks regularly increases the size of the lungs and the efficiency of the catch-and-leave. This is good news for asthma, bronchitis patients. Six weeks after the regular swimming class, there is a significant improvement in asthma in children, the tendency of breathing in the mouth and nose in sleep is also reduced.

1. Swimming 20-30 minutes daily will reduce the risk of your future Heart disease 30-40 percent. Reduce blood pressure. Reduce fat and cholesterol harmful, but increase fat fat. Swimming with breast stroke will reduce the risk of diabetes by 10 percent for 30 minutes in three days a week.

2. Swimming reduces. Every 10 minutes, breast stroke-60 calories, back stroke-80 calories, freestyle 100 calories and butterfly stroke cost 150 calories.

3. The nerves of the hippocampus area of ​​the brain are stimulating. As a result, depression decreases. The mind-mood is good, depression decreases.

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