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You know about the bad effects of hair color!

The bad effects of hair color

To enhance the beauty, as well as to style, many people have hair color. Both men and women make their own hair-like hair color in their preferred colors. But do you know that there are some side effects of these severely colorful hair color? Many are not at all aware about this. Let's know some important information about this.


Many people are more sensitive to skin. As a result, allergic problems start to come in contact with a few chemicals. That is, PPD is a much more common allergenic chemical, which can cause headache, irritation, swelling, rash, dandruff problems. In addition, if allergies go to severe levels then eyes may swell, allergic rhinitis in the eyes, nose and mouth around the skin.

2) Excessive hair breaks: 

You just paint hair to look beautiful, but for that reason your hair does not stay, it is never worth it! Using extra hair color can increase the level of hair loss. Harmonious chemicals of hair color completely ruin the hair.
As a result, the hair starts breaking down from the middle of the hair and prevents new hair growth.

3) Asthma: 

Although it is surprising, it is true that hair loss can cause asthma problems or increase. Multiple studies have shown that people who have regular hair color, their skin is more likely to have allergies or asthma. Here is the same harmful chemical PPD.

4) Cancer:

 The American Cancer Society's research has shown that PPD can cause cancer cells by destroying human DNA cells. This chemical is able to destroy the harmonic balance. As a result, the risk of breast cancer increased a lot. Although the substance of this PPD is found in the chemical mixture of hair color, in spite of very little, it should be more careful about the matter.

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