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10 facts about carbohydrate foods

      10 facts about carbohydrate foods

Sugar foods are very difficult to avoid, they contain sugar, there are starch and fiber, which you can get in fruits, dairy, grains or vegetables.

But sugar is being distinguished lately. In particular, the foods that are recommended to be kept under the control of the body are very rarely included in the sugar.

But you still have to take a few carbohydrates to eat healthy food. Because, carbohydrates are one of the basic components of food.

The problem is that, after listening to various types of sugar for a long time, we often go into conflicts with sugar, how it actually works for our body.

So in order to keep the body healthy, here are ten facts about sugar that you may want to know.

1. Not all sugar is bad :

One of the foods that our body stores is energy - carbohydrate foods, including starch or starch, sugar and fiber. There are many carbohydrates in alcohol, flour, rice and pasta.

Soft drinks, sweet, processed foods contain sugar. Both sugar and sugar are converted into sugar glucose in your body and become energy or become fat.

But there are other carbohydrates, which are called dietary fiber foods. Fruits and vegetables have fiber inside. These types of carbohydrates gradually emit energy, which is very good for our stomach and ultimately, it does not become fat in the body.

2. How much sugar should we take :

It has a quick and easy test to measure. Start with a simple biscuit, until you realize that its taste is changing - usually it starts to look a little sweet, but you may also find other flavors.

If the change in taste happens within 30 seconds, then take a moderate amount of sugar. If it happens within 15 seconds, then very good.

But even after 30 seconds, if you do not get any change in the taste of biscuits, you should eat less sugar. Because, your body can not properly process sugar. This may be due to your weight gain and other physical problems. This test is designed by Dr. Sharon Moleem.

There are some elements in our tongue that convert large starch into small sugar or glucose. That is why the biscuit started to look sweet once. Quick biscuits begin to look sweet, meaning that your body has low enzymes due to low intake of sugar.

3. Bad carbohydrates can also become good sugar :

 if you keep cold and use microwave

Scientists have discovered, due to the cooking and cooling, bad carbohydrates often turn out to be good sugar. Bad carbohydrates easily melted and became sugar and quickly mixed with the body, which plays a big role in increasing weight. But good sugar does not mix. Many paths are passed on to the stomach, which is happy to see bacteria there.

It is good to eat pasta, rice and potatoes again. Especially when heating hot water, it increases the resistance of the sulfate. But they have to be very hot.

4. Eating bread is not so bad :

The food is not so bad even if it has been talked about bread for many years. But it would be better if white-colored bread starts to eat black-and-like bread.

Generally the breads that are made are easily digested. As a result, instead of being added glucose to the body, it is mixed in other parts.

However, full wheat bread or bread has resistant stomach, which makes your body travel through many intestines.

It is important to see the quantity of sugar during the purchase of bread, because sugar is used to increase the taste of whole wheat bread.

5. Eat toast from the best refrigerator and eat it directly :

Because, it follows the cooking and cooling process. Because of the cold, the amount of resistant strawberries is increased in the bread, which makes less sugar from the bread. It also became very useful for your digestion.


6. Reduce the risk of stomach cancer by making bad sugar good chemicals :

Scientists say bad carbohydrate can reduce the risk of stomach cancer by 30 percent by making good sugar. About 95 percent of the starchs we eat are easily digested. But now scientists know, there is a small part of it - called resistant stomach - which goes into the stomach to become a food for bacteria.

It produces chemicals which help a lot in stomach cancer. By simply transforming bad sugar into good sugar, you can increase your chances of survival by more than thirty percent.

7. Refined carbohydrate increases the risk of diabetes :

Sugar is high in bad sugar, which is more harmful for health. In recent times, doctors have found that many diabetic patients are losing the effect of insulin due to the failure to control blood sugar levels.

According to the National Diabetes Statistics report of 2017, there are now 330 million diabetic patients in the United States, that is, every 10 people have this disease.

Of these, 90 percent of type-2 diabetes, most of which have extra weight. Diabetic is called 'silent killer'. Because, many people do not have any signs of this disease. Often it is unnatural for a long time or it can be caught in a very bad phase.

For this, many doctors and scientists blame bad foods - such as consuming extra sugar, which increases type-2 diabetes. Rather, people can avoid diabetic diseases by eating healthy and proper foods.

8. Low-carbohydrate diabetes can prevent diabetes :

The general rule is, look at the color of your plate food. Leave brown and white foods, but increase the green foods.

Research suggests that reducing the number of bad carbohydrate can reduce the amount of blood glucose in the blood. The amount of sugar in the blood is high - the risk of your diabetes is also increasing.

9. Bad carbohydrates affect the ability of childbirth :

Sugar is needed for body energy, but it should be in the right quantities. Researcher Grace Doddell has tried to understand a woman and a man, what exactly does it work on the inability of childbirth?

He says that the process of bringing a new person to the earth is a process of many energy, a person is born, the fertilization of the egg and the fetus is necessary, and behind all this is good strength.

If you are eating bad foods, then it will be very difficult for you to have a baby. Whenever you want to take a twin baby, Doodle's advice is to eat low-sugar foods. It also helps women to keep their health healthy during pregnancy.

10. Food carbohydrates may also spread among your children :

The effects of bad living can be influenced by future generations. A number of researchers from geneticists and biologists say that due to food intake some genes can be changed or damaged, especially in men's case.

Discussion of childbirth is usually talked about mother's health, but studies have shown that due to unhealthy living conditions of overweight people, their genes are harmed.

That is, the importance of living their life before being born is important, because their genes can be transmitted to the next generation through the fetus. As a result, their children may be born with a disease or future health problems.

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