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Available foods you can live long

If you are talking about a type of food ingredient that will sustain you, will you take it regularly?

It reduces the chance of a heart attack or stroke; Even lessen the possibility of type-2 diabetes-related diseases.

As well as keeping your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels in control, it plays a role.

It should be noted here that it is very cheap and available in your neighborhood shop.

What is this food?

This is actually fiber or fennel food.

In a recent study, nutritionists have tried to understand the amount of fennel foods we need to eat regularly and what are its health aspects.

One of the researchers, Cummins, told the BBC "Clear evidence of the quality of such food was found."

The role of this type of food is known to remove constipation, but beyond that there are many types of nutrients including fennel foods.

How much fiber we need?

According to researchers at Otago University of New Zealand and Dundee University, we need to eat at least 25 grams of fiber every day.

However, if they say 'adequate', they think there are several benefits of eating more than 30 grams of fiber.


What is the amount of fiber in a food :

Most people in the world eat less than 20 grams of fiber in the day.

A caller weighs about 120 grams, but there is a fiber amount of around 3 grams.

In the United Kingdom, a woman receives 17 grams of milk per day and 21 grams of fiber at a male.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, there are plenty of fiber in a few types of cereals, whole wheat bread or pasta, peas, peas and lentils, and nutmeg and oilseeds.

For example, a pot made in a slit brown rice or with peels contains about 2 grams of fiber.

If there is about 3 grams of a carrot and a cup of lentils, it is about 4 g fiber in an apple.

However, according to researcher John Cummins, "It is not easy to add more fiber to the food list, it is difficult to change people's eating habits."

However, the United States government health service agency National Health Service has created some strategies for fast and easy diet.

Cook potatoes with scones :

Eating as a breakfast in barbecue is a large amount of fiber in the neck of the oatmeal.

Use peas or pulses to make any curry or salad.

Eating nuts or fresh fruit after snacks or snacks.

Eat fruits or vegetables at least five times a day.

The benefits of fiber :

After nearly two decades of research on the life of people from different countries and eating habits, the researchers concluded that if the level of fiber is increased from 15 grams to 25-29 grams, it is possible to reduce the chances of death of 13 people per thousand.

Cardiovascular rates also decrease to 6 people per thousand.

Besides, intestinal cancer, blood pressure, weight and type-2 diabetes can also be controlled with adequate amount of fiber.

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