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Be careful when these symptoms appear in the body : cancer symptoms???

Cancer symptoms in the body :

The fold on the forehead of civilization is becoming more deep in the neck of incurable cancer. But it is not enough to win this disease of death. According to World Health Organization statistics, about 18 million people in the world were victims of this disease in the year 2017-18. Cancer is a disease that can be detected as soon as possible, reduce the risk of life. According to doctors, a lot of time is passed in the catch of this disease because it leads to mortality.

After striking cancer, some symptoms arise. If he is aware of all this, then if he gets to the doctor quickly, and if he is careful about the advice then he is likely to be healed. Most of the time, we ignore the problems encountered in these small forms, because of our unconsciousness, bites of fatalities in our body.

Cancer expert Sunirmal Sarkar said some signs of this, which must be aware when it appears. Take care of these basic issues every day.

Be aware when you lose weight quickly and at an unusual rate.

Weight loss: 

Suddenly the weight is decreasing? Regardless of diet, there is no reason to be happy if weight loss is fast and unnatural at the expense of physical exercise. Get the consultation right away. The weight of the body, essentially one of the signs of colon cancer, is the weight loss.

Blood in the urine: 

When the body's level of cretinine increased, blood with urine was turned out. But after the Chrétienne test it is normal, but blood is coming in the urine - so do not wait any longer. Kidney cancer can be found in these signs.


Stool color: 

The effect of a drug is changing the color and smell of mantle? Keep an eye on every day. Many times the color of the molage is dense due to the quality of food and vegetables. But after the normal diet, after a few days, they went to the doctor if it was dark and extra bad. Such symptoms may be shown in renal cancer and liver cancer.

Survival Cancer begins with Pelvic cage pain.

Pelvic pain: 

Pain in the pelvic cage below the kidneys day after day, take the necessary tests. Survival Cancer begins with Pelvic cage pain. There is no worry if there is pain due to an old injury or osteoporosis. If you follow the advice of the doctor after eating a few medicines, then there is no scary to reduce the pain. But be cautious when this pain comes back frequently and after headache is stopped again.

Be aware that any abnormal fleshy increase in breast and armpits.

Massive growth:

 Do not note that any part of the body, especially the armpits and breasts, is having an unusual meaty growth. If that happens, do not waste the time and go to the doctor. If there is any muscular growth, then it is a sign of breast cancer or any lymph node in the body.


It is the initial symptom of cervical cancer in women. Frequent bleeding between two periods? Or if menopause, even a little bleeding is happening? It is not a matter of relegation. If so, be careful and consult a doctor.

Rib stroke:

 If there is a pain somewhere in the body or a little bit of acne, there is so much pain that seems to be breaking the ribs? If there is a tumor inside the bone, this is a lot of time. So check whether the tumor is cancerous or not.

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