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Benefits of fruit peel

Exfoliate the fruit peel? If you know the benefits of fruit shelling then do not throw it :

Matching fruit pairs as the most nutritious easy-to-eat food for our body It always takes place in the list of our favorite food, no results Most of the fruit peels we throw away most of the time But if you know that there are so many qualities in the fruit peas, we may think twice before we throw away the peel of the fruit. So let us know the fruits of the fruit in the list of a few everyday foods

1. Orange peel :

orange lemon pea helps in weight loss It also acts as a natural scrubber and bleach on the skin Dental Health Helps Organize | Relieves breathing orange peel also relieves the problem of constipation and ovulation.

2. Banana peel :

Did you know that the teeth of collar grinding will whiten your teeth? Reduces the burns of black gram in the burn injuries Can help get rid of the blistering of the collar in the leg.

3. Pomegranate peel :

like small red grains, are hidden in the scarf of hard red color, many mysteries of health and beauty. Acne in the scalp, help to reduce rash Help in solving hair loss and dandruff problems Heterogeneous capsule to prevent heart disease, throat pain Helps keep bones and teeth healthy.


4. Watermelon peels :

The white part of the watermelon shell is filled with various useful ingredients for health Generally, the white part of the shell of squares is helpful for weight loss This white part is scratched on the skin and it remains dirty in the skin Watermelon peel helps to maintain the skin's normal glow.

5. Apple peel :

the ability to protect from many allergies such as apples, apple husks also have many different qualities. Apple capsule is a chemical compound called Flavonoid that helps in preventing cancer and increasing body disease. The arsenic acid helps burn calories and reduce fat.

6. Lemon Peel :

 full of beautiful spleen shells Skin works as a natural moisturizer and cleanser Helps reduce weight. | Dental problems such as scurvy or gingivitis help to maintain good health. Symptoms of Q-40 and Limonin in it contain two cancers, reduce stress and help to remove body toxin.

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