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Causes of constipation due to some habits

Causes of constipation due to some practice!

In most cases, unplanned diet, due to irregular eating habits, constipation problems. But in some cases this problem is hereditary. If you can not take appropriate measures in time of constipation problems, it can increase the cholesterol risk greatly. Due to constipation, the stool from the body can not be naturally released every day. Every time I eat something full of stomach, I chase one fear. Let's know at this time what are the reasons behind the constipation problem.

Causes of constipation:

1. Drinking less water.

2. Fiber or fennel eat less, eat vegetables and fruits.

3. Eating in dozens of dairy products such as Casein,cheese etc. can increase the problem of constipation.

4. Do not do manual work, walking or exercising at all.

5. If you are lying in bed due to some illness.

6. The result of excessive anxiety or depression.

7. If you have cancer in the intestinal.

8. If you have diabetes.

9. The result of tumors in the brain and bleeding in the brain.

Side effects of different types of medication can also sometimes lead to constipation problems. For example, due to pain medicines, high blood pressure medicines, gastric medicines, seizures, this problem can bind the body.


Besides, the drugs that contain iron, calcium and aluminum alloys can increase the problem of constipation. There may be constipation for various types of nerves or hormones.

If you have long-term kidney problems or thyroid problems, constipation problems can occur. However, there are several ways in which domestic help is available to provide lasting benefits in constipation problems. For example, lemon juice, honey, gourd juice, and vinegar helps to increase our digestive strength and also to overcome constipation problems.

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