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Caution: Due to bad habits such as Asthma can be attacked

Due to bad habits such as Asthma can be attacked :

According to the World Health Organization's report, around 1500 million people worldwide are suffering from asthma-like diseases, where the number of people infected with this disease is about 15-20 million. And the most worrying thing is that most of the people of our country are victims of some wrong practice, which has played a significant role in the spread of the disease. And they do not know what they are afraid of. So, decide to write this article.

In fact, the fact that the number of people suffering from asthma-like diseases due to bad habit of increasing smoking is at the very first instance. There is no doubt about the rate at which the number of patients suffering from asthma like this will increase in the coming days, the rate at which smoking in our country has increased among younger people. In fact, more bad habits are due to the increased incidence of diseases such as non-regular exercise, excessive preservative food intake, excessive stress and cold recurrence.

Now the question is, what are those bad habits, how can they survive the grip of the disease like asthma? To answer this question, you will have to keep an eye on this article. In fact, this article discusses some foods which, at the same time, do not take time to reduce the incidence of asthma on the one hand, and the lung power will increase so much that there will be almost no possibility of the disease being attacked. So, if you do not want to suffer from all sorts of problems with friends, anesthesia, then the bad habits discussed in this article will be released, as well as the foods that need to be included in the Rose Diet are ...

1. Milk:

Do you see the milk of the friend or not? But the danger! Because at the rate of air pollution is increasing, it does not take any time to lung the lungs, it does not say anything else. And if the health of the lungs becomes weak, it may be a disease like anesthesia. So, friends, if you have to keep away from diseases such as asthma, by keeping the lungs prolonged, then the milking mast! Actually, after entering the body of calcium and magnesium present in milk, it shows that the performance of the lung muscle does not take time to increase. As a result, many diseases and diseases are forced to stay away.

2. Carrots:

The entry into the beta-carotene body is converted into Vitamin A, which helps in keeping such lung diseases as it plays a special role in reducing the risk of asthma. So, because of the fear of getting infected with a friend, due to bad habits and air pollution, there is no doubt that there is a need to eat carrots regularly to stay healthy.

3. Onion:

It contains a large amount of anti-inflammatory material, which reduces the inflammation of the air and plays an important role in reducing the risk of asthma. In this case, playing raw onions is more beneficial, but not in other ways!

4. Coffee:

Can not believe the ears, so? But coffee is a great way to reduce the health of asthma. Because the hot air is a cup of coffee, the airway opens. As a result oxygen easily penetrates into the lungs. In fact, the harder the coffee will get, the more benefits you get. So if you have a little difficulty to breathe from the coffee then take coffee. See if the benefits are met. But more than 3 cups of coffee a day but do not forget to eat Because the drink is as beneficial as it is, but it is harmful to the body.

5. Ginger:

Studies have shown that some of the beneficial ingredients in the body of this genus element reduce the inflammation of the airway to ensure oxygen access is justified. As a result, breathing starts to decrease naturally. In this case, you need to prepare a combination by mixing with the juice of ginger juice,Pomegranate juice and honey. It will be very beneficial to see this mixture playing 2-3 times a day.


6. Honey:

The use of honey in the treatment of asthma is going on for a long time. Actually, this element of the element contains several useful ingredients, which can be useful to reduce the incidence of such diseases. In this case, sweet smell is beneficial for many. And if that does not result in fruit. So three times a day, mixing honey with a glass of hot water and mixing it with honey, it will be very beneficial.

7. Mustard Oil:

Just heard it! Mustard oil comes in a great way to reduce respiration. This oil actually opens the respiratory passage. There is no difficulty in breathing. So, if you have an asthma attack, then you will make a small amount of mustard oil. Then it will cool down on the chest and back and massage it well. By doing so, the symptoms will gradually start decreasing. With ease, the pain.

8. Garlic:

Give half cup of milk as well as garlic and boil well. Then cool the halo and drink milk. After drinking this drink, it will not take long to see the pain. In fact, the lungs keep an eye on the way the lungs can work properly. This does not take time to reduce the problem.

9. Fig:

Many useful elements in this play a special role to increase lung function. Once the lungs start working properly, breathing starts to be normal. As a result, the respirator runs away. Now the question is how to use figs in such situations? First, keep the three figs wet in water all night. Eat water and figs in the empty stomach in the morning. The diameter is only in the castle!

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