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Chocolate reduces the risk of stroke

Healthy benefits of chocolate : prevent the risk of stroke 

Those who eat chocolate are less prone to stroke, a Swiss researchers said. They reached the conclusion after surveying more than 33 thousand women.
This study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, has been published.

The study has gathered more evidence about the relationship of accepting cocoa with the heart. However, the researchers did not give free permission to eat more chocolate.

Susanna Larson of the Carolinaska Institute of Stockholm said that the study of chocolate stroke reduces the risk - it has not been fully proven in the study. But we think that there are some benefits to it in health.

He warned about consuming excessive chocolate, because it contains fat and sugar in chocolate, it also has high calorie intake. However, due to high quantity of cocoa and low sugar and fat compared to Milk Chocolate, dark chocolate is more beneficial for health.

In this study, in 1997, women in the age group of 49 to 83 years of age were used for chocolate intake data. In the next decade, only 1 549 stroke cases occurred among women participating in the survey. The survey found that those who have consumed relatively high amount of chocolate have reduced their risk of stroke.


Among those who took 45 grams of chocolate in a week, 2.5 percent of every 1 in every stroke occurred every year. Those who took 8.9 grams of chocolate in a week, the rate was between 7 and 4 in every 1,000 people.

Researchers say that the fluoroids named chocolate, also known as flavonose, have more of its effect on health.

Larson said fluoroide related to blood pressure, reducing stroke risk and useful ingredients for heart problems in the blood. However, this information is in the stage of the concept, there is a need for deeper and broader research on this reality.

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