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Dangerous to drink water standing

Bad effects of drink water standing :

 Many people know about the benefits of drinking water but many people do not know about drinking water standing .

Where is the loss of drinking water? What does medical science say? It was here that the report was based on a health website report.

Like Ayurvedic Science: 

If you drink water standing on the stomach wall, there is a lot of pressure. Because the water does not go through the digestion process like other foods, the stomach gets directly into the stomach. As a consequence of drinking water standing on the stomach wall is damaged. If you drink water standing side by side, no nutrients of water are absorbed in the body.

Damage to urinary blight:

 Drinking water standing rapidly results in water flow. Read more. As a result, the urinary tract is likely to accumulate the body's contaminated substances. Which is harmful to kidney or kidneys.


Can affect physical growth. Because, when drinking water, the water applied pressure on the whole body. As a result, there may be pain due to bone stretching.

Lung complications:

 Drinking water standing in the respiratory and food can cause oxygen supply. And if you drink regularly in this way, it can damage the lungs and heart.


The right way:

 The ideal way to drink water is by sitting sip and sipping it. The water flow will be slow and small. As a result, there will be no additional pressure on the body to accept it. If the water pressure is high, pressure on the nerves, which has a damaging effect on pre-existing fluid in the body.

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