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Dark circle under the eyes? What to do?

   How to reduce dark circle under the 

Do you work in front of a computer for a long time? Or is there a lot of time due to pressure nowadays? Or who is going to drink a little more in the party season? Remember, your impression will fall in your eyes. If the body is tired, its effect will be seen. But tired eyes can be revived. There are several easy roads in hand

1. Green Tea :

Green T is very effective as Ditux. Put two t-bags in a cup of hot water. After three to four minutes, keep the cup with T-Bag refrigerated for cooling. If you have chills, you can also sell T-Bag in ice cold water. Before using the cup water, press the T-Bag and press the juice inside it. Put 15 minutes on the cold green closed eyes. Fatigue will be a lot away. Antioxidant says, this green tea will remove eye irritation.

2. Change the food :

Ink on the eyes? Remember that your pet's high-allergenic food may also be responsible for this. If possible, avoid milk, flour and soybean foods. Its place is more like khan banana, spinach or pulp spinach and of course bits. The ink below the eye will decrease.

3. Use of groceries :

Cucumber is good for eyes. Everyone knows about this. But do you know why? Breast antioxidants can eliminate eye fatigue a lot. Cut off the cucumber slit and keep two eyes for 15 to 30 minutes. If you wish, you can refrigerate the rabbit before cooling it. It will require more comfort.

4. Vitamin C :

Eye is very tired? Highly agitated? This problem may be due to lack of vitamin C. So, before buying the cream so you can see whether vitamin C is there or not. Remember, the use of this cream below your eyes will ease your eyes. And reduce eyesight.

5.Cold spoon :

There is no cigarette in the house, there is no green tea. Then the way? If you want to quickly get tired eyes, you can work with spoon. Cool the ice with two tablespoons of freeze fries. Then keep it under each eye. Remember, do not keep it for more than 30 seconds. You can do this process three to four times a day.

6. Skip to cigarette :

Very tired eyes? Avoid cigarette smoke completely. Remember, the loss of choke will increase in this. Those who drink alcohol regularly, it is better to reduce drinking. Because the effects of these two leads to increased abnormal blood circulation.

7. Nude eyeliner :

If the eyes are tired, the eyelids are much more. As a result, if you use more of the thick black eyeliner then the bottom leaves will be below the lens. It seems that the ink is down in the eye. And eyes will look more tired. In this case, use the nude eyeliner. Eyes look less tired. 

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