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Diet and Nutrition Plan for Diabetes Patients

Diet and Nutrition Plan for Diabetes Patients :

After eating the food, our body is made of energy. To make energy in the body, the food was broken down on these three ingredients, carbohydrate, protein and fat. This method is metabolism. Insulin hormones in our body help these three components to work actively. These ingredients are digested after stomach after meals. After digestion, glucose from carbohydrate enters the blood and gives energy. Therefore, it is necessary to know how much diabetes is eating in the patient's diet, whether blood sugar is rising or decreasing in blood. Meal plan should be based on weight, height, physical performance. Generally diabetic patients are asked to be careful about having extra sugar for controlling blood sugar. Any food can be eaten but it will be in a certain amount. Follow the diet chart given by the nutritionists according to the type of diabetes and its weight.

Blood Sugar Control: 

Diabetes can be at the risk of patient's life if blood sugar is not in control. If you do not have diabetes, blood sugar may cause fatigue, dehydration can occur, blood pressure may become uncontrolled. But if your blood sugar is always high, then there may be problems like insulin resistance. Weights and abdominal fat may increase.

Foods to keep blood sugar under control: 

There is a lot of fiber in food containing fiber-rich foods- beans, pulses, holes, grains and nuts. The digestive process is slow when they play. Foods like almond, barley and oatmeal are helpful in this case.


Cinnamon :

 Fasting blood glucose is reduced by playing cinnamon every day. In addition to Type 2 diabetes, it helps to reduce cholesterol.

Vegetables :

It is important to eat vegetables to keep blood sugar under control.

Non-sweet fruits :

 Lemon is better eat more. Bamboo can be eaten. Ripe papaya is sweet because it will not eat raw papaya. Dab / Coconut diet is also good for diabetics. Oil-spiced, ready-made meals cooked diets are not suitable for diabetics. Green and yellow colored vegetables such as broccoli, bell pepper, spinach, carrot khan. You can eat fried foods without eating fried foods and eat soyame or grill in the oven. It is better to eat carbohydrate foods such as whole wheat, tide, bazaar-basket, brown rice, etc. Avoid foods like simple carbohydrate foods such as cakes, sugar, toffee, and jam. Reduced amount of glucose in oranges, apples, pears, papaya, and Pomegranate. Mashed oil contains good fatty acids. Corn oil is rich in Omega-3. Ghee, Coconut oil contains omega-6 fatty acids. Put 3/4 percent of dye in starch oil, 1/4 percent of coconut oil, ghee. Low fat milk (double toned), can eat yogurt yogurt. Protein contains pulses, soybeans, fish, white egg, sugar, or any food in the chicken breast at noon or night. Low-fat dairy products can eat. Eat at home made meals. Avoid processed foods.

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