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Different use of onion

          Different use of onion in daily life

According to experts, keeping onion on the feet sleeps all night long You certainly know, onions and garlic are known as air purifiers and when applied to the body, it effectively destroys the body's bacteria and bacteria.

Keep the onions healthy in the socks, the organ Onion acts as a medium to help maintain various parts of the body In addition, the medicine shows that phosphoric acid in the onion enters the bloodstream and purifies it.

Similarly, it helps toxin and chemicals absorb your feet Here are some reasons for adding peas and the benefits of onion, let's take a look.

Blood purifier :

Phosphoric acid is absorbed from the onion and flows into the skin It is healthy because it helps in purifying blood even in sleep.

Bacterial killer :

Onion has strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that help in the destruction of harmful bacteria in the body. So, before going to bed at night, you must put the onion in the sofa.

Good for the heart :

If your foot is placed on the upper part of the foot, your heart is good Following this healthy practice will help prevent heart disease.

Keep it in the toes :

If you wear socks on your toes, you can get rid of acids absorbed by sinus, neck pain and ear infections.


The middle of the foot :

If you have peep in the middle of the feet under the socks, you can get rid of the stomach infection It is also beneficial to get rid of kidney problems.

For ankle :

If you suffer from minor problems and bladder problems, then try to get rid of this problem while sleeping on a loose ring in the socks. The heat generated from your ankle will keep you from these problems.

Exemption from stomach legs :

If you have stomach on your feet, then you can test this domestic snack Take a piece of peacock and put the socks over the leaves These natural remedies, in practice, will help to get rid of stupid feet.

Get rid of the disorder :

Put onions in the socks, keep the cold, flu and fever-like symptoms away. 

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