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Doing these five works before lunch

Five works before lunch :

Do not do as much work in the office, lunch is eaten. Otherwise what will be the strength to work? There is a need for breathlessness in eating but it does not matter. That is why the lunchtime for the office staff is important. That is why lunchtime means not only to fill the stomach; To be healthy, the importance of the time before eating will also be important.

Experts say there are a few things to be emphasized in order to spend a good day at work. In this case food is important as well, it is also important to stay inside or to stay mentally good. If not healthy from inside, mental stress or fatigue develops outside. So if you feel tired to work, you can take a break from the front of your laptop or computer. It will give some strength to the body and mental peace will come. Apart from this, you can make some changes to your work routine. Think of some ways to inspire yourself instead of lunch break. Here are some ways to find out:

A little smile-story :

Remember, floating from work is not just physical, it is a psychological subject. Before lunch break, talk a little about the funeral with a colleague. This sermon or talk is called socializing or social relations. Talking to a colleague about anything in a short interval makes the relationship as good as it is, and there is a positive environment in the workplace. It takes a quick mental break.

Light breakfast :

Do you plan to eat something heavy? Get rid of the excess energy given to the body by eating the stomach. You can take a light snack before lunch. It's easy to observe for a few times a day, which is a rule of five times a day. Rather than having a long time, instead of eating light nuts, the body will provide proteins and keep the body operational. The day the work can not be eaten due to the rush, at that time, you can eat in small quantities at one time.

Work plan :

Those who work harder at the office, they divide the work in two groups. One part was done before lunch and another after eating. Many people kept important work after lunch. But remember, before eating at lunch, it is better to remove important tasks while having a body and feel energy. Otherwise, you can not do all the work properly.

Light exercise :

Attention to the work does not mean that you have to sit in the eighteen desk regularly. If working long enough, there may be pain in the waist. Associate professor and pain, physiotherapy and sports injection specialist Dodilur Rahman, of the Nopani Institute of Professional Studies, said that the funding of the human body is fundamental. That is, the body was not ready to sit for 8 to 12 hours or standing. But due to excessive use of rapidly changing technology at the workplace, working environment, work environment, due to non-acceptable or stable conditions for proper working conditions, there are many diseases or problems in the body. For this reason, the workers are forced to leave their jobs because of various pain, discomfort, emotional problems, physical weakness and fatigue, numbness, headache and in many cases. Walk at least five minutes before lunch or take a light exercise for a while.

Positive work :

When working, many people pay attention to the computer. Sometimes it is better to take some breaks to stay tired. Before eating, pay attention to a positive topic. A little change may strengthen you again. If you can not pay attention to the work, you can listen to a few bits of high quality. Singing can work for peace for work. Especially can you feel calm before going to bed at lunch.

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