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dry lips causes

                     Ten reasons for dry lips


The dry and beaten lips are not only in the heart of lively laugh but dry lip can also cause pain - especially if the lips burst and bleeding. Generally, the lips in the winter are more dry, but the lips may also dry from sunlight.

Sam Rijk, a plastic plastic surgeon in New York City, said, "The lips are incredibly thin and other lips have no oil gland compared to other skin cells, which can easily dry up. Due to weather, cooler air, dry air, indoor heating, chemical substances of lipstick and some drugs, the lips become dry, causing the lip to burst and a bark is formed in the lips. '

Some of your habits and preferences can make this bad condition worse, even if you think it is good for health. Here are 10 reasons to make the lips dry.

1. Lick your lips :

You can think that the rough lips are good for the lips after the tongue after a while, but the truth is - the lips have dried in their lips. Founder and Director of Sadic Dermatology in New York City Neil saddic said, 'There is enzymes in the lalis that dry the lips and erit the skin of the lip.' Leave this habit - when you feel the perspiration to soak the lips, use the moisturizing leap left.

2. Frequent air travel :

Plane's air is known as deadly dehydration. Lip skin decreases moisture due to low humidity and high altitude, causing the lip to dry and rupture. Keep the leap left with you while traveling in the air and drink plenty of water throughout the flight to keep the lips hydrated.

3. Use of lipstick :

Your lip can be dry using lipstick. Do not worry - you can still use lipstick, but for this you have to use the moisturizing leap left before applying lipstick.

4. Use of wrong toothpaste :

Regular tooth brush prevents cavity and it is useful for mouth health, but your lips can be dry using the wrong toothpaste, said New York City's dermatologist, Georges Zarustner. He adds, 'Make sure that your toothpaste does not erase your lips. Sometimes the toothpaste that regulates the tartar (toothbrush) can erase the lips. If you think that the lips are dry due to your toothpaste, then use the toothpaste of another brand of different ingredients as possible.


5. Wrong Leap Left Use :

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should not have leap plumper properties on the left, such as the feeling of scalding and swelling of the lips. Instead select Leap Left that gives a better feeling. Dr. Sadic says, 'Avoid left-leaping elements that are dry-ingredients, such as artificial scent and make sure that your leap left has dry ingredients such as cocoa butter or coloidal oatmeal.'

6. Hot Shower Addiction :

Dr. Sadic said, "Hot Shower removes protective oil from the skin and makes it dry, tight and itchy. Instead, you can take a bath in the hot water to avoid skin dryness.

7. Do not use sun protection :

Dr. Rizak said, "One of the biggest mistakes is not to protect your lips from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Use the emolant while indoors and outdoor to keep lip skin healthy, and apply SPF 30 on day. Besides, people who are more vulnerable to exposure to sunlight are at high risk of having skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma). Jarstner said, "Pre-skin cancer common to the lips are common. Any spot on the lip or bark or fiber should be evaluated by dermatologist. I always do biopsy of lip preconcertor activated keratosis. '

8. Patients breathing in the mouth :

The lips become dry due to lack of hydrations, but your lips can be dry even if you breathe in the mouth instead of the nose, said Dr. Rizak He added, 'use najal saline spray or net-pot to keep your nasalpath clean and sleeping using humidifier for reducing air dryness. Nasal breathing can be obstructed if the wind does not have sufficient air movement. If the condition is too bad, surgery may be necessary. '

9. Warm and comfortable bedroom :

Dr. Sadic said, "One of the main reasons for the inhaling of lips in winter is indoor heating because the moisture decreases - especially during the warm-regulated temperature night to sleep. Make sure you use leap left on your lips as a night routine. '

10. Medicines :

Experts warn that the medicine can dry the mouth, the medicine can dry the lips and the lips may burst. The list of medicines that can make the lips dry is long, including many over-the-counter medicines and prescription medications, such as anti-depressant, antihistamine, anti-drug medicine, decongestant, muscle relaxant and pain medicine, according to Mayo Clinics. Find out from a doctor who drys any medicine lip, that he can advise you to use moisturizing leap left.

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