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Foods to avoid during period

Foods to avoid during period :

During the period, the girls have to be a little more careful. It is good to follow the rules from walking to food until you eat food. Depending on the type of diet this time is, the body's good and bad depends largely on it.

What is the period :

After every terrestrial time, after every hormone the effects of hormonal chaos, the changes in the uterus of the women, and the secretion of blood and uterus, which comes out of the vagina, is called menstrual cycle. During periodic stomach stomach ache, back pain, nausea may occur. And this is the monthly menstrual cycle. This is the period.

Milk and yogurt :

Dairy products such as milk, cheeses or yogurt can not be eaten at a higher rate in the period. If eating more of these foods, the hormonal deterioration increases so much that it does not take time to remove physical hardship. So avoid the milk and the foods made from it.

Junk Food :

Eating junk food is not good for the body. During fracture, frad diet is a serious harm to the body.

Salt :

It can not be consumed during the period of high salt intake period. After eating more lean foods, there are some changes in the body, which in turn increases the period of pain.

Cucumber :

Playing cucumbers increases the risk of various physical problems. Some elements present in the chest have a bad effect on the body.

Cold drinks :

Do not eat cold drinks during the period. Multiple studies have shown that at this time, drinking such drinks causes blood to be eaten in the urine. If this happens, after 5-10 years, the risk of developing cancer can increase many times.

Athletics :

Intense workout can not be done at this time. And if there is pain in the stomach and back, then it can not be practiced at all.

Apart from sleeping, due to not being able to sleep, tiredness increases so much that daily work also started to be tied up. So it is not possible to stay awake during the period of the period.

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