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Hair is not long? Learn the easy and affordable way

     Hair is not long? Learn the easy and     affordable way

Tall hairstyles were far more in the ancient era. Long hair has not diminished altogether.

Hair looks by adding beauty to appearance. It does not just make it beautiful, it also creates personality in harmony with the look. All men and women want to take care of the hair so everyone. It's not the last thing to know just how to get rid of 'hair fall' or 'dry hair'.

Many complain that the hair is not growing properly. But whatever the size of the hair, its growth needs at normal rate. If the hair does not rise after a period, it indicates the health of the hair. Therefore it is very important to follow some rules to maintain the normal growth of hair, whether it is short hair or big. These techniques are very effective especially for those who prefer long hair.

Oil is very important: 

According to experts, today many people do not give oil to the hair. But shampoo every day. Conditioner with hair shampoo beneficial for hair. But with shampoo oil, you have to pay attention. Two days a week, massage coconut oil and castor oil and massage the head skin. Read the pillow in your pillow or soft towel in the pillow so that it does not take oil. Wash and wash with shampoo in the morning. In it, the hair is hard and the hair will not break easily. The food that comes from the oil will also be filled.

Avoid chemicals: 

Look for shampoo to maintain hair growth. Silicon, good for sulfate-free less alkaline shampoo hair. Excessive chemically shampoo styles and fashion help, but it actually hinders hair loss and stops growth. Shampoo is too good to rub a lot of hair at the hair. During shampoo, do not rub excessive hair and do not give hot water to the hair.


Conditions also need to be very careful about selection. Choose chemically-free and natural oils such as coconut oil, honey, etc.

Pillow and pillow cover:

 There will also be an eye on hair health. The hair itself tries to make oil well by making natural oil. But after continuous sleeves, polyester or rayon covered the pillow, they swallowed hair oil. So try to use silk cover. Tie your hair while you sleep. It will reduce the chance of rubbed with pillows.

What to avoid: 

To keep the hair growth normal, you have to leave some habits. Do not hit too much hair on the hair. Some styles are cut off hair, where there is plenty of cucumber hair (mix and match, creative cut etc.) to be excluded. These hair cut hair is thin and the adjustment becomes very time-consuming.

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