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Have a migraine? If so, leave it today

     Have a migraine? If so, leave it today

Acute head ache with headache or starting from one side of the head, impossible to spread across the head, with light fever. These symptoms are not new to migraine patients. Due to the absence of several days continuously, this pain can take away the body. Cold cold cuts usually lead to chronic colds, headache problems in winter. If combined with migraine, it becomes a kind of intolerance.

According to public health expert Gourd Goswami, "It is not the only way that migraine attacks take place without taking medicines or necessary precautions. Rather, depending on our daily routine, the pain of this pain will increase. It's a painful disease to leave a lot of habit every day but to keep it away. "

Do not forget to call me Migraine? According to doctors, the possibility of this disease increased due to some habitats.

If the amount of blood sugar increases, there is a possibility of migraine pain.

Emotional stress:

 To work a lot of time in a busy life, not to be fed with a specific time and rule, the stress of the whole deadline is that it has a terrible effect. If these stress increases, the problem of migraine is very normal.

Occasional Sleep: 

How much sleep do you sleep? Try to allocate 7 to 8 hours for sleep. Sleep at least 6 hours if you can not stand alone. But keep sleeping levels the same. Try sleeping less than one day, sleeping for more than one day, try to keep the level of sleep equally.


Avoid foods that have extra sugar or added sugar. If the amount of blood sugar increases, there is a possibility of migraine pain. Eat some of the sweet, but keep the standard.


Very sunny or very rain-both are bad for migraine. Do not roam in a very hot or very wet environment. To make a personal contact, contact the doctor and take some special medicines or exercises, which will have the effect of staying away from the migraine.

Do not eat: 

Gastric incidence begins when you do not drink long legs. There is no pair of gadgets to drag the migraine. Therefore, the stomach should not be left empty to avoid gastric. If you stop gastric attack, the fear of migraine will be reduced.


Coffee practice: 

If you have a habit of eating coffee then do not stop it suddenly. Hu's research has shown that the abnormalities of caffeine in migraine patients are stopped and the problem of migraine increases. So leave coffee slowly to leave. Talk to the dietitian if needed.

Sound pollution: 

Stay away from the loud noise, loud noise, and the continuous horn of the car. It causes pressure on the nerves and causes the problem of migraine. Take the necessary steps to save the ear from the sound of the word.

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