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How control gastric without medication

       Gastric control without medication

Gastric is now known to many people with a known problem. After eating a little spicy food, the throat irritation started and after that many people want to stop the gastric by consuming gas-and-egg medicines. But, when doctors and doctors often say that it is not good for the body to eat gas and oily drugs.

In our present day life, we can not always be fed with the rules of the day, as if eating heavily on any day should be a victim of gas and this is not a work. And the body has many power-ups, the fight with the irregularities. But due to frequent gaseous-hearted medicine, we become physically dependent on the strength of the physical dosage. However, according to the gastroenterologist, we can solve the problem of gastric if we change a routine routine easily.

Some of them are given-

1. To avoid throat irritation or gastric leprosy today, remove sugar from today. Instead of eating coriander or molasses in the lamps, instead of eating lumps or molasses. Even if you can use coconut sugar, it is good.

2. Less than 2 grams of salt, as long as you eat, day by day meal. Not only oil and spices, excess nuns are responsible for gas.

3. Unsuitable Time tea and coffee in many cases increases gastric tendency. Especially when the age increases, do not eat tea and coffee. Many times the problem of milk and tea comes from many. If you want to eat law tea.


4. If we get hungry it is our nature to eat a lot. Take a glass of water before you get hungry or invite to eat at home. This reduces the number of stomachs in the stomach, thus reducing the tendency to eat many foods.

5. Eat gourmet well. Do not rush well, chewing does not digest well. This leads to increased ovulation tendency.

6. Avoid any kind of food allergy. Do not eat milk or fruit overnight.

7. Eat water according to the needs of the body.

8. Instead of raw fruit juice, cold drinks, soda etc. instead of raw fruit, dab water etc. Diet.

9. In the morning, without eating gas medicines in empty stomach, Khan mixed lemon juice with hot water. The body of the toxin is healthy and the body will be healthy.

Besides, eating  can also drink water after half an hour.

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