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How to increase the brightness of the hair???

          Increase the brightness of the hair

As soon as the age increases, like the skin of the skin, the hair loses the brightness. But it is possible to maintain brightness by using the right product as well.

Dull and dead hair mask :

Two tablespoons bitter powder, fenugreek seeds, soap plant, Acaccia Concinna and   Three myrobalan. Mix all the recipes with two splashed eggs or half cups cup yogurt. Apply the mixture to hairstyle from the hairstyles and wait for 45 minutes. Wash hair with gentle shampoo and apply conditioner. Benefits of using after 15 days will be available.

Instant Hair Spray :

Half of two lemon pieces, two cups of water. Save it to a spray bottle, it can be used as a hair spray.

Curly hair mask :

Mix one table-spoon honey with a glass of milk and mix it well. Honey is rich in natural moisture, which keeps the hair smooth and milk makes the hair soft.

More ways to keep hair good :

- Extra oil is not good for hair, it requires extra shampoo. Give oil once a week.

- Steam the hair to keep moisture. Heat the towel in hot water and keep it for 10 minutes, then after washing hair, apply grapes of grapes.

- Use the dryer as low as possible.

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