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How to increase metabolism???

      The easy way to increase metabolism

Metabolism decreases with age as well. By means of the ability to make energy by digesting it, it can be reduced to energy. So eating a certain amount of food increases the amount of fat in the body when playing at the age of older, it increases the amount of fat in the age of playing it. But the age will increase. Metabolism will decrease. But this reduction in some easy way can be prevented.

1. Green Tea :

The antioxidant contained in the green is very good for the body. But along with it helps to increase metabolism in the satin catechin. Reduces fat in the body through fat oxygen and thermogenesis. On the day, two or three cups of green tea can easily increase metabolism. This tea is cold, can eat ash green tea.

2. Exercise :

Those who do not exercise regularly, their metabolic rate decreases very low. So start exercising as soon as possible. And those who exercise, they must increase the amount of exercise. The fat will melt and the maturation will increase.

3. Protein Khan is more :

Protein seems to be fat up playing? It seems absolutely wrong. Because sooner the body can digest fat or carbohydrate, protein takes more time to digest. Because of this, eating more protein in the breakfast, the stomach is too much time to be admitted. It reduces the risk of fat accumulation.

4. Stand in the middle :

Are you connected to desk work? And do you have to spend most of the time sitting in the office? Then you are forced to reduce your metabolism. So stand a little while in the middle. Metabolism increases a bit for every 20 minutes to stand for one-two minutes. Digestion increases ability.

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5. The butter is not coconut oil :

Experts say coconut oil has a medium-chain fat. Medium chain fat digestion is very easy. Long-chain fat can make lots of fat in the body. But the medium chain fat does not do it. So there is a long chain of fat things, such as eating coconut oil with butter. This leads to a lot of metabolism.

6. Eat fish :

Playing fish increases the amount of metabolism. Behind the role of Omega Three According to experts, if the source of animal protein is the fish, then the benefits will be even more. Because it contains leptin hormones. This hormone helps in increasing metabolism. And digestion enhances the power.

7. Eat spicy food :

Munching of spicy foods increases metabolism. It is astonishing to hear the truth. In 20 years, metabolism increases if there is more amount of pepper than food. In that case food is digested quickly. Decrease in fat content.

8. Eat cold water :

Drink cold water, not cold water. Because the amount of sugar in cold water is very high. As a result, there are calories in it. So cold drinks do not reduce metabolism, increase the weight directly. But eating cold jams, such as reduced metabolism, do not let the fat remain in the body.

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