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How to keep kidney healthy natural way

              Kidney healthy in natural way

Many kidney problems are heard in the mouth. Kidney treatment is very costly and difficult. So before any disease, doctors advised to control it. So we have some things to do to keep kidney good.

There is no need to observe too much rules to keep kidney good. If you follow only 5 rules, your kidneys will be good throughout life.

Kidney's role is very important in the body of clean blood flow. The kidney also maintains the balance of electrolyte and fluid. So if kidneys are good, then heart and lungs are better.

You have heard the problem of stone problems in kidneys. If there is a problem with kidney infections, renal feilur, nephrotic syndrome and cysts, then there is danger of kidney damage.

But whatever it is, whatever happens. One thing to remember all the time is that it is always. Keep your kidneys healthy. Keeping kidneys good is not difficult. Only a few things will keep the kidney good.

Drink enough pure water :

There is no alternative to drinking pure water to keep kidney healthy. Drink plenty of water. Water helps to keep Kidney active and normal activities in kidneys. If a person is drinking an average 8-10 glasses of water daily, kidneys will be good.

Soft drinks, coffee, tea :

We eat different foods like soft drinks, coffee and tea. Caffeine immediately removes tiredness in Sharari. But the water is made of water. If you have water problems, then you may have problems with kidney stones. So be careful.

Smoking :

Smoking is a terrible bad habit. The lungs and blood vessels are also damaged due to hypothermia. Keep in mind that smoking is harmful for others, not just for others. So quit smoking.

Pain Killer :

If you have a slight pain, if you have the habit of eating pain killer, leave it today. Painkillers damage extra to kidney cells Eat only if the pain is unbearable.

Salt :

Eating salt to eat too? Drag the rush into this practice today. Kidney can not extract extra sodium from the body. As a result, excess sodium salt remains in the kidneys. Kidney is damaged in it.

Pissed in the urine :

Do not want to use cheap toilet, so peel kept out in the exit? Such behavior is very harmful for the body. If you put a lot of urine in the urine, it will put pressure on the kidneys, even according to the doctors, that such habit can be destroyed for a long time, kidneys may soon be damaged.

Eat fish and vegetables without eating meat. Very harmful for fat kidneys. If the fiber of the meat is more than the amount of pressure, then the kidneys. So if you have a tendency to eat meat frequently, minimize it, eat too much.

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