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how to prevent blackheads in domestic ways???

Why blackheads are, ways to overcome domestic ways :

Many people dream of having a bright and smooth skin. There are many obstacles in the way of fulfilling dreams, blackheads or blacksmith. It is a serious problem in both rural and urban life. There are also reasons for mental unrest.
Blackheads or blacksmith, why or what is it, how is it possible to remedy it in a domestic way? Let's know

What Blackheads or Black Muck Is?
Black hairs on the two sides of the nose, on the forehead, cheeks, chewing gum, on the thong, small browns or blacks around the lip, and a small part of the skin, are called blackheads. Many times this problem spreads to different parts of the body.

Why is that?

Blackheads can be attacked by dust in any age. Basically, if the face is not cleaned well then Blackheads are. Black Hoods can also be used as a side effect for the use of extra cosmetics. The clogged skin and the clotting of the dead cells, black oxygen closed in contact with the air, and blackheads become dark. In the initial stage, the pores of the blackheads are low, as it spreads back to the later stage.

Some domestic methods to remove Blackheads-

Many try to get rid of blackheads by pressing the nails, some remove it by stripping the strip. However, it may cause pain, there is a possibility of staining. Blackheads can not be cured in these processes forever. It is not okay to scrub the skin in a truncated condition, it is possible to cause infection. Rather, blackouts can be eliminated by adopting domestic methods.

Egg Faces :

Whisk the egg whites and one teaspoon honey well. Wait till the skin is dry. Put your face in hot water and wash it. Thus, twice a week to face. The egg white that contains the egg white keeps the skin tight, so there is no blackheads. It is very useful especially for oily skin.

Aloe vera leaf :

Remove the soft breathing from the middle of the aloe vera leaf. Make paste and gently plaque the face. Wash after drying. Regular use will remove the blackheads and increase the skin's brightness.

Strawberries, honey and lemon juice
Mix one strawberry, half teaspoon honey and half a teaspoon lemon juice together. Then plaque it on the blackheads. After 15-20 minutes, wash your face in cold water.

Tomato peas and sugar :

Get out of the tomato peas and smash them in the Hamanistan. Mix light water and sugar with it. Keep the night in the blackheads. Wash your face in cold water, wake up from sleeping.

Steam machine or hot water vapor :

To expose the sunflower, the stem machine or hot water vap will be required. If you do not have a steam machine in this case, you need to heat the blackheads over the towel or towel filled with glass bottles or mugs. But if you heat too much then the skin will be damaged.

Talk yogurt, coriander and yellow
It is possible to remove blackheads by mixing yogurt, sorghum and turmeric. In this case, the face should be thoroughly washed. Blackheads can be released from the use of 1/2 hours per day.

Organic coconut oil :

Massage the organic coconut oil for dry skin on a two-minute blackheads. Blackheads are released from the dead cells.

Cinnamon powder, flour and lemon juice
Make a paste of cinnamon gram and flour with equal amount of lemon juice. Put on the blackheads all night long. Wash your face in the morning.


Blackheads must be free :

* Wash your face before leaving the house and returning home.

* Stay away from excessive use of cosmetics.

* Clean makeup after using makeup.

* Use clean clothes.

* Use separate towel towel for face body.

* Change dietary, avoid excessive oily foods.

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