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How to prevent heart attack by avoiding foods?

               How to prevent heart attack 

Many people suffer from cardiovascular disease due to the psychological anxiety and the unhealthy habit of living in modern life. Many problems arise due to insomnia, irregular sleep, timely eating, fast food addiction etc.

According to the World Health Organization statistics, the number of deaths in cardiovascular deaths worldwide is increasing. Many people think that smoking can stop the heart and keep it healthy. According to Cardiologist Prakash Hajra, "Smoking is one of the causes of cardiovascular disease, there is no doubt about it. Under the influence of nicotine, the heart, lungs are greatly damaged. But apart from smoking, eating habits of ours can harm the heart. Be warned today to stop the sadden heart attack. "

If we look at the dietary diet every day, we can eat some foods that are not good for heart. We are going to suffer from heart disease unintentionally every day, and we are going to harm it every day. According to doctors, it is necessary to say no to food in order to prevent sadden's heart attack and keep the heart healthy.

Cold drink: 

When you are thirsty or you drink bottle bottle cold drink? Be careful this time. Extra sugar and soda pressures of cold drinks also put pressure on the artery. In addition to this, these drinks reduce the amount of water in the body and dried from inside.



Children, young people like chips. Sometimes a piece of chips is not a problem, but if the chips become a habit, it will lead to heart failure. Chips have pressure on trans fat and extra noon heart. Day after day, the excessive sodium in the body accumulates in the heart attack heart attack.

Junk Food:

 Pour the money to Chinese food, including pizza, burgers. The amount of the preservative amount of Chinese coins is so much that there is harm to the body. Do not miss heart or even heart. The pressure on the heart of pizza-burger increases sodium and excess fat obesity. Besides, junk food is also very harmful for the body.

Processed fish meat: 

Any processed food contains a lot of salt and sugar levels. Various chemicals used for preservation None of these are good for heart. Not only obesity, such eating habits are also responsible for sadden's heart attack. All these foods are weakened heartily easily.


When to eat coffee? Then control this practice today. Blended coffee has lots of calorie and fat ingredients. In addition, coffee caffeine increases the blood sugar levels and causes heart problems.

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