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How to remove digestive problems without medication

Remove digestive problems without medication :

The problem of gastric is now almost everyone. And it has to be removed, depending on the medicine itself. But if too much medication is dependent, it will be difficult to digest without medication at one time. In addition, frequent gastric medicines bring various diseases. So, in the natural way, for healthy-normal people, digestion and digestion solutions are the solution to eat.

If you follow some healthy diet and some techniques during eating, you can easily overcome digestion problems. Let's know-

Many people rush and eat food well or not. But that's not right. Eat cinnamon food well. The chewing gum in food makes it easy to add to the enzyme.

Is there a habit of eating tea? Then Green Tea Khan ate no ordinary tea. This green tea can give permanent solution to digestion problems. Its antioxidant increases the effectiveness of digestive enzymes. Helps keep digestion healthy.

Avoid as much as possible Salt-oil-spices. If you are alone to eat a sour, then chilli chili is eaten. Dry pepper is not at all. Raw chilly capsicin increases digestion. So do not eat too many sour food together.

Increase the amount of vegetables and easy-to-eat foods to eat. There are several foods that should not be eaten at the same time. Follow them. Eating meat like milk, fruit after the rice, eating grill water - do not eat it. Take a little time to eat all of these in a row, sometimes in between.

Avoid processed foods as much as possible. When these foods are used in the treatment of many chemicals. Due to these processed foods, digestion problems as well as digestion loses its performance.

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