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How to treat piles for pregnant women???

 Piles Treatment for pregnant women :

Pregnant mother's health care is an important issue. In this situation some special problems arise.

Which should be treated with utmost care. Otherwise the health of the mother and baby may be threatened. One such problem is that during pregnancy the mother gets infected with piles.

A common occurrence of mother's piles during the end of pregnancy, many are.

This problem was earlier, but at this time its intensity has increased. But due to the pregnancy, many of these problems may start fresh.

In most cases, it is possible to do better in conservation treatment without piles. First of all, in the management of the stomach. If the stool is not strong and there is no trouble in the bowel, then take action.

You should eat the selected foods so that there is no constipation. Fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, and oysters can be eaten. It is better to eat less cows and meat.

Besides, medicines can be used to soften the julafa or stool. However, its arbitrary use is harmful. These medicines should be used at the right level and in the right time. Otherwise it will become habit.

Sage baths, which are beneficial for hot water. Its rule is to sit in the hinge hot water in a hip, and sit for 10 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

If the patient does not improve, then we can treat it without injection or with the help of modern equipment without surgery and painlessly. Since the success of the injectable is not rosy and chronic, it can be very effective in uncovering the new horizons in piles treatment such as ring ligation.

Ring ligation method :

In this method, piles are treated with a small instrument. This is possible in the doctor's chamber. There is no need to be uninspired or unconscious. In the next few days, the pills automatically fall into treatment.

The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. Since we have three piles in our bodies, so it may need to be done 2-3 times a few days later.

In this context, the world-famous American piles expert Dr. Marvin L. Karman said that the success of treatment in this method is so good that 80 percent of the patients in Piles have been completely treated for this treatment.

After applying the procedure, some special medicines and advice are given. There is no need to take any action or leave. After treatment, patients can go back to the rickshaw or in the car shortly after the surgery.

Operation :

In case of an infant we usually avoid the operation of the piles. If the complexity of the piles is reached at such a stage that there is no alternative without the operation, then it is better to do the operation.

Eminent piles expert Dr. Salibi showed that 25 pregnant mothers had a piles operation, in one study showed that there was no problem with those pregnant mothers or their children. 

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