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Infertility can cause men's lingerie!

Men's lingerie dangerous :cause infertility:

At present, comparative rates of infertility are rising in the world. Fatherhood: If you want to get happiness, the sperm count of men is very important. A recent study found that males who are responsible for 30-50 percent infertility Smoking, alcoholism, exercise, all affect sperm count. Even underwear also affects it.

Diverse information that has been reported in a research report published in the Human Reproduction Journal of Oxford University It has been said, the number of sperm decreases in the amount of tight undergarments. On the other hand, those who wear relatively lenght, comfortable lingerie, their sperm count is relatively high.

British researcher Lydia Minguez-Allarsian said that research has been going on in the last few years about whether underwear has any effect on sperm production. For this research, a total of 656 men who were between 18 and 56 years of age were selected for the treatment of infertility. Their blood and sperm samples were taken in the study and some questions were asked to answer their underwear.

Of the participants, 345 men said they usually wear comfortable and loose lingerie. These 345 men were young and less health-conscious. Studies show that the number of sperm count of 345 people was 17 percent higher than the others. Sperm concentration was more than 25 percent, more than 33 percent of normal or active sperm.

On the other hand, those who have a tendency to wear tight lingerie, the number of their sperm is very less. Like Professor Lydia, warmth or warmth prevents men from producing sperm, leaving the sperm on the number of sputum.

According to many researchers around the world, the study found only the type of underwear. There was no question or examination of the type of pants on the clothes or underwear used to make this lingerie, which can be seen as a limitation of this research. Accepting the limitation of this research, Professor Lydia Minguez-Alarsean said that despite the limitations, this study is very important. Because, research on so many people has never been done before.

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