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Know these domestic methods to get rid of eye allergy!

How to reduce eye allergy :

Eye on the most sensitive parts of the body. But many people are also infected with allergies like skin allergies. When there is a problem with the body's immune system, allergic problems are increasing in the body. If you do not maintain hygiene due to contamination or hygiene, then allergic reaction may occur. Asthma is responsible for allergic reactions of patients, smoke, chlorine, cosmetics, perfumes etc. You may be surprised to hear that there may be dandruff problems on your head, but you may be affected by eye allergies.

How do you understand your eyes are allergic to If your eyes become red, or if the eyes start to scratch, with water continuously, you will know that your eyes are allergic. It may also cause allergies in the eyes, or even if the eyes swelling, allergies can occur. However, this problem can get rid of some common tasks in a quick and easy way. But let's know if you want to be cured, this problem of eye.

Everyone knows about the clear cold water to get rid of eye allergy. If the eye is itch or red, then turn the eyes over with cold water, get a lot of comfort.

Milk is very beneficial to prevent eye allergy problems. Dip a cotton ball in a little cold milk and grind it around the eyes lightly. If you want to soak the milk and keep it on the eye for a little longer. If you follow this procedure twice a day and in the evening to eye irritation problems, eye infections will decrease very much.

# Pure glazed eyes are very helpful to prevent eye irritation. It cools down the eyes and prevents the problem. Wash your eyes twice with a roundabout every day. Keep your eyes closed for 2-3 minutes with the eyes of 2-3 drops of rose water allergy. You will see a lot of decrease in the infestation.


Take the # 1 teaspoon of salt with a glass of water for 20 minutes. Then, after cooling down, remove the eyes with one piece clean cotton. This is why the dirt in the eyes will come out. As a result, you get rid of eye irritation and discomfort.

Take a spoon of Indian gooseberry powder and add honey to sleep every night before going to bed. This will improve your immune system. If the immune system improves, any kind of allergy will decrease in your body.

But remember, if the eye problem is very poor, then you should consult a doctor.

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