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liver cancer causes

Why is liver cancer?

Cancer means horror, and if it is liver cancer then there is no word. It is true that most of the body's cancer, like liver cancer, can still cure the past. But it is also true that in recent years our progress in liver cancer treatment is very low. Most importantly, it is possible to get modern treatment of liver cancer in Bangladesh today. And with the hope of all those writings, the text of this lecture. Why is liver cancer? Liver cancer is one of the main causes of cancer death all over the world. Every year around 4,500,000 people are infected with this disease every year.

In men, 7.5 percent of total cancer liver cancer, and 3.2 percent for women. The alarming fact is that the prevalence of liver cancer in South and Southeast Asia is much higher than that of any other region in the world. The main cause of liver cancer worldwide is hepatitis B and C virus and alcohol. Hepatitis B is the main villain in our country, because nearly eight million people in this country are carriers of this virus or he is positive. 5 to 10 percent of people with hepatitis B virus can be infected at any stage of life. The symptoms of liver cancer can be affected by people of any age group. Liver cancer risk is 4 to 6 times more likely than men in women. Usually cirrhosis occurs in the liver before cancer, but the exception is not unusual.

Patients with liver cancer often feel pain in the upper right side of the stomach or at the middle of the chest, with severe intensity of the patient. Other symptoms of this disease are easily tired, stomach swelling, loss of weight and low fever of light fever. Liver cancer patients often do not have jaundice, but it is very small. Diarrhea can be found in patients with diarrhea, excessive gas or tissue, and sometimes diarrhea occurs. There may be water in the stomach, or it may not be. Liver Cancer Detection Liver Cancer is a Simple Way to Determine A Reliable Ultrasonic Program However, city-scan is also necessary.


Blood test is a fairly reliable tumor marker of liver cancer. The person suffering from liver cirrhosis should take an hour to check urichus and ultrasoundogram once every 6 months. However, to confirm the diagnosis of liver cancer, ultrasonogram guided risk is very important and the success rate of the experienced hand is almost 100%. As with the hope of lever cancer, the beginning of hope is not the end of liver cancer, but rather the beginning. If caught in the beginning and is smaller in size then this tumor can be removed from the lever by operation. And for this, the Kusa Machine and the skilled hepatocelliar surgeons are now in the country.

Besides, there is no operation of tumor ablation or tumor in the operation. At the nominal cost, we are now in our country with the guidance of ultrasonogram, which we are now doing with the alcohol of liver cancer. There are some more hope. For example, it is much more effective than ever before, but very little side-effects of chemotherapy Geloda and Surfinera. Even if we are not yet available in our country, we are treating liver cancer patients with jeloda. And so the hope of liver cancer did not end.

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