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Mouth sores causes and remedies

Find out the mouth sores - causes and remedies :

Our mouths often become red like small holes. These problems are usually caused by injuries to the inner part or tongue or due to the condition. Again, it is difficult to clean the tooth with tight brush, but many of these problems arise.

If you drink a lot of hot water or chewing on something cheeks inside the cheek, it can cause a blow. It hurts and burns at the place. Gradually, the pain increases sharply and the part is white, after which it is cleared within 6-7 days.

There are several types of facial lesions. For example: Minor Aphthous Ulcer, Major Aphthous Ulcerative Hertapitifat Aphthous Ulcer, Minor Aphthous Ulcer etc.

Let's know the reasons for the blow in the mouth :

1. Due to vitamin and iron deficiency Such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 or any other Vitamin.

2. If there is a cold it may cause a blow to the mouth.

3. The gums of the mouth become wounded and this is often the blow. But brushing teeth tightly, it is a blow.

4. Smoking, addiction, drinks, and alcohol are also mouth-blowing.

5. Those who have AIDS, diabetes, and cancer have such a problem.

6. If you do not wake up at night or sleep late, you may get too much anxiety if you do not get enough sleep, but there will be mouth injury.

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7. Due to hereditary reasons, there is ulcer in the mouth.

8. If allergy is in the mouth and may cause injury.

How to remedy the mouth lesions:

1. Do not eat roads or gates outside the house.

2. At least 8 hours of sleep at night.

3. Vitamin supplements taken.

4. Use a soft brush so that it does not feel pressured or rubbed.

5. Generally, this blow is better in 7 days. If it does not, then consult a doctor. Mouth wash helps to remove facial pain. It can also be used.

6. Sitting in hot water or cooling with baking soda will get comfort. Also, 1 pinch of baking soda can be mixed with a little water and keep it on the blow. Pius on the blow will benefit very quickly, but many pain will increase. Break on the Vitamin E Capsule blow. Or keep the bag on the back of the bag. It also hurts the wound.

7. MILK OF MAGNESIA is much better on the blow. It destroys facial bacteria.

8. Every day, eat yogurt.

9. Avoid spicy foods.

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