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Onion reduce excess body weight

 ••Reduce excess body weight by onion ••

Onion is used in cooking in our country. But it can also be used as direct curry and it can be very nutritious for the body. At the same time it can reduce your body weight excess weight.

For the benefit of onion, in the year 3500 BC the Egyptians were its devotees. At that time the onion as curry was very popular. The researchers said so.
Onion has high quality sulfur compounds. And because of that, the onion is cut and the scent smells. The water came to the eye.


But this thing comes back to its advantage. Researchers say that onions help reduce high blood pressure. As a result, patients with high blood pressure will get regular onion-rich curry or onion curry. Not only this, the onion reduces the risk of heart attack. Therefore, those who eat onions can be very anxious.

The more surprising information is, reduce the risk of onion cancer. Onion contains phytochemical and flavonoid quercetin. Scientists have found evidence that these two components can control uncontrolled growth of cancer cells. It is possible to make 20 percent of vitamin C needed for the body, from an onion.

Many of the quality of onion in health care. Even from our hand we do not know much about its quality. A large amount of onion contains 86.8 percent water, 1.2 percent protein, 11.6 percent carbohydrate, 0.18 percent calcium, 0.04 percent phosphorus and 0.7 percent of iron. Onion also contains Vitamin A, B and C.

Some quality of onions :

1. If you have a headache in the cold, then once you have mixed one spoon of onion juice mixed with water, your pain will be reduced.
2. If the fever is fever, then take the juice of onion juice through the nose and then the fever will disappear.
3. If repeatedly vomiting, the four-five drops of onion juice mixed with water will stop vomiting when they drink water.
4. When you wake up the onion juice mixed with the water, the water can stop jumping.
5. Playing onion leads to excess uric acid in the body.
6. Onions contain properties called antibacterial or bacteria. So if the boil or blow, it can be quickly removed with the juice of onion.
7. If half an hour on the head before the hair is washed, then the hair is tough and the new hair helps to grow.

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