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Raw salt is harmful for the body?

Raw salt is good or bad :

Excessive anything is not good - it is also applicable to salt. Any salt is mainly made of sodium chloride mineral.

We know that salt is an important part of human body health and diet. This is a material that needs to be eaten properly. A little more or a little less - both have harmful effects for the body.

1. Side effects of raw salt
Extra salt is the cause of high blood pressure, stomach cancer, obesity or even asthma. You may be surprised to know that extra raw salt causes heart problems and kidney problems. According to health experts, it also damages the circulatory system and the nervous system.

2. Why is raw salt in cooking food harmful?
It is believed that while playing extra raw salt with cooked food, it only brings health problems.

When salt is cooked, its iron structure becomes easier and the intestinal absorption process is easy. The iron structure remains the same in raw salt and increases pressure on the body. This results in high blood pressure and hypertension.

3. Less salt is also dangerous?

Yes, excess salt can lead to blood pressure and hypertension, similarly, if there is a shortage of salt in the body, it increases the risk of death. According to one study, those who eat less salt than they need to have all the causes of heart disease including death.

4. How much salt is needed in a person's body?

According to the health expert and the American Heart Association, an adult can accept two teaspoons of salt a day. According to another study, "A person can take 10 grams of salt per day so that 4000 milligrams of sodium is present. Those who are suffering from high blood pressure should be allowed half a teaspoon of salt in the day. '


5. Thirst reduces, increases hunger
According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, excess salt reduces thirst and increases appetite. In simple terms, excess salt is harmful to the body in all directions.

7. Is there any alternative?

If you want to eat extra salt in the food then you can eat a mineral salt. Experts believe that it is healthier than white salt.

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