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Simple home solutions to avoid hives and freckle

 Home solutions to avoid hives and freckle :

Urticaria or hives is a very uncomfortable problem. A type of fluid from the veins produces a layer on the skin, which is the liver. This problem increases further when reading sunlight. The time of itching increased. Like the hives, turmeric is due to the same problem.

The problem of the skin is rare.

Many people are going to the doctor to get rid of this problem. Many drugs are used to get rid of this problem by using or using drugs. But before that they became very scared, for this problem. There is absolutely no fear. Because it can easily be relieved from this problem. And there are enough simple ingredients for them to use at home.

Here are a few:

1. Coconut oil :

Coconut oil is very effective for getting rid of the hives or throats. In the affected areas twice a day, the coconut oil will be massaged. And do not wash it immediately. It should be kept as long as possible. Before going to bed at night, keep coconut oil.

2. Spinach :

Spinach is very effective for this type of problem. Take this spinach and mix it with little pepper powder. Then apply that mixture to the problem place. If it does not reduce the hives or pimples, it will reduce the discomfort and itching of the place.

3. Oatmeal bath :

Many people come home to eat oatmeal. But in the case of hives or blisters it is very effective medicine. But for him, it is better to have bathrobes at home. Tilt two or three cups of oatmeal water in the water. Then drown in the water for 10-12 minutes. The discomfort of the affected area and the itching will reduce a lot.


4. Baking soda :

Make a paste mixed with baking soda water. Then apply that paste to the affected place. It does not cause hives or cholera infection. And the discomfort will be reduced considerably.

5. Allo vera :

Take out the jell from Aloe Vera or Pish. This gel is very good for the skin. Those who have no problem, they can also use this jail. The skin remains good. And those who have these problems or problems with chuli, they can use it. Put the jail in the affected area, keep it for 20-30 minutes. Then wash it in cold water.

6. Sugarcane molasses :

Sugarcane molasses are very good for this problem of skin. But this molasses will be eaten. There is no special advantage in the affected area. Khan mixed with sugarcane molasses in the empty stomach in the morning by mixing a pair of twins. You can also mix 10 ml juice with sugarcane molasses and eat it. Or mix bamboo flour mixed with sugarcane mangoes. It is very good for the skin. The combination of yellow and sugarcane molasses can be consumed twice a day for 15 days. It is very useful for hives or calves.

7. Green tea :

There is no extra effort. Khan just mixes one cup of green tea with a mixture of honey. Three times a day. Then the chili or the attack of hives will be reduced.

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