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sleeping medicine can lead to children with disabilities!!!

Advanced sleeping medicine can lead to children with disabilities!

 In the present age, many problems of the people have become the main problem. That means do not sleep at night. If the night is to go to bed with the clock, but sleep does not come! Waiting for sleeping in the bed, making the side of the side turns into the night. Many of those who are in such a problem get help with sleeping medicine for sleeping. But extra dependence on sleeping medicines is very harmful for our body. Not only that, regular sleeping medicines could bring habit of death!

Over a decade ago, according to a paper published in the International Medical Journal 'BMJ Open Journal', eating habits of excessive amount of sleeping medicine weakens our memory. Apart from this, the risk of heart attack can be increased several times. According to this paper, deaths of 3,20,000 to 5.7 million people per year in the United States are due to excessive consumption of sleeping medicine.

The US researcher, Daniel Krip, said the study found that more than 132 times or more of a sleeping drug consumed more problems in their body. These include, high blood pressure, headache, nervous problems, heart problems, and many other complex problems.

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To the cripps, if pregnant women eat excessive sleeping medicines, then they may be severely damaged by the embryo embryo. The child who is born can be born to a disabled child. In addition, high-power sleeping medicines also reduce the effect of red blood or white blood cells. Therefore, experts advise, refrain from eating excessive sleeping pills without the physician's permission.

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