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To keep the skin bright in the winter, use coffee

Use coffee for bright skin :

The winter starts to squeeze in a cup of coffee cup and start the day. Coffee is unmatched to keep the body warm or fatigue.

But you know, the role of coffee in the process of roasting is immense. To increase the brightness of the skin and to make the skin smooth, soft or attractive, coffee fashion is unique. So let's not know, how to make a skin face, how to cook coffee.

1. First Step-Cleansing:

For the first time to make a cleaner, the first thing is coffee. Mix well with a spoonful of 1 glass of coffee bowl and 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel.

At this time, mix this mixture of coffee with a light massage for 2 minutes. Coffee contains ingredients called caffeine, which removes all the black spots from the skin and helps to make the skin shine. After 2 minutes of massage in this way, wash your face with water.

2. Second step-scrubbing :

To make a scrub, first take a glass of sugar in a glass bowl. After that, mix well with 1 spoonful of coffee and 2 spoons of coconut oil. Scrubber this time scrubbing your face well.

This scrubber helps to clean the skin of the skin in the skin very well. After scrubbing for 5 minutes, wash it thoroughly with mouth water.


3. Third step-facebook :

Take 2 spoons of coffee in a glass bowl. After that mix well with 1 teaspoon basin, 1 spoon of sugar, 1 spoon of honey and a little lemon juice. At this time, keep this mixture in the mouth for 10-15 minutes. Then wash the face with cold water. Use this Facebook account for at least 2 days a week.

This facial skin makes the skin quicker and brighter. If there is any black spot on the skin, remove it very well.

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