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Unnecessarily we are wasting valuable toothless

We are wasting valuable toothless :


Due to the easy rules of prevention, do not spend any thousands of rupees to treat a tooth. Want to emphasize the importance of proper care in a timely manner by correcting certain mistakes in dental care. For example,

1. Tooth Brush: 

If you brush a lot of brush on the top of the teeth, then the hardening of the teeth on the teeth will become enamel. In a few days, your teeth will be over-cold or hot water, you can not eat anything. This will remove teeth from the gums. So, turn around the soft sleeves of the market and clean all the teeth from top to bottom.

2. Eating a lot of acids every day: 

soda, orange juice, alcohol, drinks used during sports, candy etc. There are plenty of acids in food. As a piece of ice that disappears in the ice after some time disappears, the very strongest of our teeth is also enamel, but it is consumed due to such acids. If you do not eat water or cheeses as soon as you eat these foods, then there will be a decrease in the pH level of redness in the mouth and the tooth decay will start. If straw can be used while eating orange or pineapple juice, then it can be saved. However, it is best to drink the juice of the juice of the fruit and then brush the teeth with it.

3. Try to whiten the tooth: 

When we change our teeth with age, they are no longer white. But if the bleaches are made to whiten these teeth, then the dental enamel or coating is attacked by acids, and the enamel's covering becomes slightly empty. As a result, the tooth decapitated.

4. Cold drinks with hot pizzas: 

Whenever we bite excess hot pizzas or horns or onions, then we increase our dental coil enamel and when we squeeze in cold drinks, only then there is a fine crack or crack than an anemale hair. Suddenly hot, suddenly the enamel stretches or grows and cracks, due to sudden cold eating. So eating hot food will have to be abandoned with the practice of cold eating.

5. Incorrect toothpaste use:

 Dental health should not always be used in excessive raucous or rough toothpaste. It is said in many types of advertisements that there are some substances in the toothpaste that your teeth whiten your teeth overnight. Those who use this paste are attracted to such advertisements, they may have to lose their teeth very quickly. Without being attracted to advertising, it is always good to use fluoride toothpaste when using toothpaste.


6. The practice of opening bottle caps with teeth: 

Many people try to open a bottle of cold drinks with teeth to show teeth, as well as want to take credit with broken teeth. In fact, the tooth is needed for us, the beauty of words, and the food poisoned to the stomach. Not for anything else. Due to opening such a bottle cap, many times the teeth are broken, broken and cracked. Later, despite the medical complications, the cost increased. Due to decreasing life expectancy.

7. Do not brush regularly and do not flushing:

 At least two in the morning morning after breakfast and at least 3 to 4 minutes tooth brush before sleeping. It is also good to use dental floss (a type of silk yarn) to get rid of dirt or food from the teeth. If you do not have a brush on your workplace, then keep the exterior toothbrush, paste and floss in the house as well. Because often, at the office, breakfast or lunch or dinner is to be eaten. It is also important to keep the arrangements in the tooth so that it can brush. But before using brush, use dental floss, not later. Regular tooth brush and floss can easily become a dental cavity or cavity, and more complications arise from pain and inflammation. So brushing teeth and floss need to be at least twice daily.

8. At least once a year to check the teeth:

 At least one experienced dental surgeon in a scientific year is required to perform dental scaling as it is urgent, as well as examining teeth and also examining various parts of the face. It can be preserved by filling a small hole in the mouth and teeth. 

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