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What does sugar eat instead? Sugar Free?Danger

Bad effects of sugar free :

Excess weight or excess fat may not be able to cure it, so stay away from sugar for hundreds. It's pretty much But what to eat instead of sugar? Sugar Free? Artificial sugar is one of the main ones to avoid sugar syrup. Think of this, can you prevent sugar from blood sugar or fat in the body? If so, be careful this time.

The weight of artificial sugar is not reduced, in contrast, the ingredients used in it can not control too much blood sugar levels. A recent report on artificial sugar revealed that information by BMJ Medical Journal. A report published in this widely circulated journal of the world is about the horrors of artificial sugar. This report has been published based on 56 research studies conducted worldwide with artificial sugar.

Generally, tea-coffee amazes from cooking, artificial sugar relieving diabetics. Many hygienic people also believe in artificial sugar pills to avoid sugar. Experts claim, about 200 times more sweet aspartame than ordinary sugar is one of the main components of artificial sugar.

This assortment also contains any processed foods, junk foods, diet drinks. Although the sugar produced by it melt easily, the amount of aspartame in artificial sugar is so high that it can not be very beneficial. Rather, these ingredients may cause excessive amount of kidney disease, kidney disease, cancer like dysentery.

There are also various side effects such as headache, kidney affect, frustration, and appetite, artificial sugar.

Not just aspartame, but also in the artificial sugar pellets, SACARINO. Which insulin emits and hunger more than necessary. As a result, weight gain leads to weight control. Another element of this is Sucrose. Made up of 500 times more sweet ingredients than sugar. So instead of weight loss artificial sugar increases weight. In addition, there are various side effects such as headache, kidney affect, depression, and appetite.

In this context, hormone specialist Shatinath Mukherjee said, "According to the order of the World Health Organization, men should not eat more than 6 tablespoons of sugar and 9 tablespoons of men. But as soon as you can say goodbye to sugar in modern life, it is better for the body to say, instead of resorting to artificial sugar instead. More damage to it. "

So the way?

Shatinath Babu's advice, instead of sugar, can use lentils, molasses or coconut sugar. It is much healthier than all. To stay healthy with artificial sugar today, practice it.

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