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What foods help you gain weight???

                    Weight gain by foods

According to age and height, if a person's weight is 15-20% less than normal weight then he is entitled to a low weight. The age of the body is very low, their thoughts do not end.

Because of the low weight, many people are taking medicines with the advice of the doctor but not getting the fruit. So if you want to increase the weight you can eat the following foods.


 Egg has medium quality calories, high vitamin A, D and E. Eggs are filled with a lot of stomach. Eating on the day every day increases weight.


Potato is a classy meal. Vitamin C and fiber in the carbohydrate-rich vegetables. The healthy food will increase your weight very quickly but healthily.


Delicious fruit bananas are helpful to increase weight. Potassium, Carbohydrate, and other essential nutrients are available in it. There is more than 100 calories in a solution.

Peanut Butter: 

It is available to buy nuts in the shop. Peanuts can be made to paste paste. If you eat this meal in the morning breakfast, it will increase the weight.


Paneer has high fat, which is good for health. You can also mix cheese with vegetables.

Marine fish: 

Fatty sea fishes increase weight. And as a food it is very nutritious. You can eat sea fish if you want to increase weight.

Brown rice:

 Filled with carbohydrate in this rice. There are also healthy fiber. The purpose will also be successful in pasta or brown rice. So practice eating this rice rice.


There is 100 calories in a medium-sized poultry meat. If you want to get more calories you can rely on chicken breast.

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