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What is the important time to brush teeth?

Important time to brush teeth :

Doctors always advise to brush teeth twice a day. Just before sleeping in the morning and going to bed at night.

But how many of us do follow it? Of course not much.

Although we brush teeth every morning. However, many avoid brush rules on the night, because it is often not considered important to brush in the morning.

In fact, bacteria in the mouth inside the toothache surrounded the food that surrounds the mouth in the mouth. These bacteria then produce waste materials, which are highly acidic. As a result of it broken the dental enamel. This causes dental infections and cavities.


When you go to sleep without brushing the teeth, its plaque starts to crush and the diastole becomes tough. Over time, it has become worse.

At one stage, eliminating crushed plaques makes it impossible for brass or floss. It can cause bad breath, bleeding infections and bleeding.

Why brushing in the night is more important?

If you do not brush before going to sleep at night, the plaque increases in the teeth. Overnight, it creates an outline that helps acid production. The bacteria region surrounding the tooth is formed.

The three benefits of brushing before going to sleep:

1. Reduce acid :

Your mouth is constantly producing acids. Saliva of the face mixes with calcium to fight against acids. But due to low saline production, acid was increasing. Brushing teeth at night, due to fluoride in the toothpaste, mouth salts can not go out. Tooth decay prevented from disease.

2. Bacterial expansion is reduced :

The facial saliva prevents the spread of bacteria. So, it is very important to protect the salts from drying by brushing before going to bed.

3. Reduce corrosion by diet :

If you do not brush before eating or before going to bed, then the dietary tissues of the teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to bash to remove these foods.

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