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Why the cooking is just mustard oil ?

       Why the cooking is just mustard oil ?

Is your home cooked only in mustard oil? Or just rice oil or sunflower oil? So, know that there are many edible oils outside, which can bring you a great taste and nutritional quality. Looks like some oil

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil :

The cooking of this oil is very high in the countries around the Mediterranean. Vitamin E and B Complex is the best oil for your health. But remember, do not cook this oil with high heat. Pure olive oil can be used in that case. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also ideal for eating raw. This oil can also be used on salad or bread as a spread.

2. Almond oil :

The use of this oil in Asia is more than that of the other continents. These oils can be cooked in this oil with much heat. This oil contains a light smell of nuts. As a result, the smell spreads in food. Although not very beneficial for health, it is not very bad. But do not store this oil for a long time. You will finish the bottle of the month.

3. Avocado Oil :

Avocado oil - and able to cook much more heat. There are plenty of mono-unsaturated fat in it. Whichever one says, Good Fat. Do not need to be refrigerated after opening the bottle caps. But putting in a cool place is better. Smoke Point of 520 degree oil. As a result, it is easy to cook in a lot of warmth.

4. Walnut oil :

Walnut oil is the ultimate opposite of avocado oil. Because the taste of this oil can get worse because of a little heat. If you cook for a long time, then the taste of this oil becomes thick. So very little can spawn can cook. Or can eat raw. There is no pairing with salad. This oil can also be used as a pasta dressing. It can also be used to make chocolate hazel nut spreads.

5. Coconut oil :

Now the popularity of coconut oil has increased a lot. This is because the fat contained in this oil. It is a type of fat that can easily be converted into energy or energy when it goes to the body. So you can bake this oil. But remember, it is better not to use this oil to merge. This is because of the temperature of the house or during the winter the oil gets accumulated. You can use coconut oil in the way that butter is used in cooking.

6. Wrap seed oil :

wrap seed oil can be cooked in more heat. But this is not the only advantage of this oil. There is almost no taste of this oil itself. As a result, Chef-Rah likes to use this oil in a lot of spices, herbs or high-flavored food. Moreover, its nutritional value is similar to Avocado Oil. Although the price is much lower than the oil.

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