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How to keep the heart healthy under stress

Some steps to keep the heart healthy under stress :

The type of living has changed. Now stress or stress in one word that stresses our constant companion. Whether there is family problems or economic pressure, marital relations deteriorate or work pressure - if one does not, then the other stands with partner. And that is why stress is a matter of concern to all physicians, sociologists. The heart and heart are first affected by the effects of stress. So if you are infected with stress, take few steps to keep your heart healthy.

1. Meditation :

If you get up from sleep, if you do not, then who else can take meditation or pranaam at other times of the day. Blood pressure is in control, because of this pranayama. Therefore, there is less pressure on the heart. This is the first step to save the body from stress.

2. Excerpt :

A little freehand, or a little strretch is very good for the body. In this, the muscularity of the muscles is not increased, blood pressure is also controlled, cardiovascular pressure is less. However, with the advice of experts, you should start the cycle. Not all types of ecosystems work in everyone's body.

3. Have a smile :

Keep a time of day for a book or a movie, which will give you genuine pleasure. Even better if you can spend a day with a partner, whose company keeps you happy, your stress will also be reduced. Because smiling is very useful for the body.

4. Keep crying :

If you are attacked in a stress, you can cry alone alone by removing everything else. Tears come out of mind a lot of stress. It's a simple solution to quickly clear the mind. Doctors often cry out loud to kids. The cause of the heart increases heartburn. It is not a lie in the case of older people.

5. Parent Company :

Adolescent plays a major role in reducing stress. According to statistics, the chances of cardiovascular disease, which have pets in their homes, are much lower than others. Do not just have dogs or cats, but have aquarium at home, spend time in front of them. Mind will be good.

6. Physical relationship :

Statistics show that men who have sexual intercourse for two days a week, their heart problems are greatly reduced. It is true in women too. However, experts are not giving a clear idea of ​​how much the issue is about them as a figure. However, it is proven to help estrogen hormones in the heart of the mohalla heart.

7. Enough sleep :

Every day, it is necessary to sleep for eight hours. Sleep more than it is not as good as it is, less sleep than it will increase stress. Those who suffer from stroke are more likely to have no sleep during sleep.

8. The emphasis is on walking :

Spend some time every day - at least 15 minutes - allocate for a walk. But remember, this walk is in the light of day. After sunset the body's metabolic rate decreases. If you walk on the sun, you do not have heart gains, as long as you walk in the sun.

9. Group time :

Add yourself to a team. Maybe it's a film-making club, or hiking team. In the past, many people associated with the Stamp Club to spend a certain time of the week. Now its amount has decreased. But if you are associated with such a group of Hobi, the stress reduces. Increases the chances of a good time.

10. Write down :

The reason for the stress is that, write it down. Psychologists say, while writing with stress, you have to make reasonable explanations, so the reason for the stress becomes more clear to you. So write them down like that, which is having mental stress. This will reduce the pressure to half.

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