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How to survive asthma?

                 The way to survive asthma

The pain of asthma is known only to the sufferer. The narrow pipe that carries oxygen in our lungs is bent over dust, allergic or pollution. The contraction of the respiratory muscles due to swelling and oxygen is low in the body. So the supply of oxygen needed for breathing does not match. Those who have the tendency of this disease, in many cases, have to carry this problem throughout their life, not completely cured. However, following the rules of diet and lifestyle, it is possible to keep asthma away -

What to do:

Keep a watch on the house where the patient is in asthma, so that enough light and air enter the house. Regularly keep the house clean, the patient will be as good as dust.

Whenever you're out on the street, use a nose-face covered mask. The mask is also regularly cleaned, so be careful.

Keep clothes clean. If you are in front of an infected patient, return home and clean yourself. Talk to the doctor if needed.

If possible, change the bed linen regularly, but if it is not possible, change it for at least two to three days and remove clean sheets. Change the cover of the pillow to take extra caution in winter and rainy season. In the cold winter day pillow blanket

Be careful if you have pets at home. Have to keep in touch with the experts about the Behavior, and be careful with yourself. Their stomach-urine or hair increases the likelihood of disease.

Which you eat:

It is not the last thing to be careful about avoiding asthma. Rather, be careful about eating food. Eat one apple every day to prevent this disease or reduce the risk of disease. Various studies have shown that while playing five apples a week, this disease decreases by about 32 percent.

Keep the food out of the omega three fatty acids. Their anti neflammatory material helps to reduce bronchial inflamation (lung inflammation).

Beta carotene-rich carrot khan is suitable for prevention of disease in the body. Vitamin A carotenes help fight against Hana's illness.

Milk Magnesium is very useful for fighting against asthma. If there is no problem in milk, you can keep milk. If you have problems with milk, then keep dairy products.

Keep in the diet Vitamin-rich antioxidants such as avocados and strawberries.

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