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What is osteoporosis? How to stay away from this disease?

       How to stay away from osteoporosis?

In today's day in the career of science, the benefits of the advancement of science have increased, the more difficulty is increased. After hours of work, I forget that there is a limit to taking our body. When the body's endurance is overcome in irregularities and oppression, our body is binding on one another after one disease. Osteoporosis is a disease that seems to be trending nowadays among most people. It is a bone disease that affects the bones of the body. Continuous to be weak bone and gradually it becomes fragile. What exactly is the cause of this disease? Who are more of these problems? What is the remedy? Let's know them.

1. What is osteoporosis and why is it?

At the beginning I said that it is a bone disease. So that the bones tend to be weak to be fragile. Normally our body always starts creating new tissues which remove the old or damaged tissue and keep the place intact and accurate. That's why our body's structure is okay. The work of creating new tissues continues till the age of 25, which is the highest in 25 years. After 40 years or so, the work of tissue has been reduced. As a result, if any bone tissue is damaged, the body may not provide the necessary tissue. Due to the low production of tissue in a straightforward way, due to not being filled in the tissue of the affected area, our body bones became weak. The bones have been decaying. At one stage, there is a great chance of broken bones. There is no way to understand its priorities. There is a possibility of slight injury, or pain due to x-rays for some reason.

2. Who can be more :

Saying the disease never sees the face. So both men and women should be careful about it. Someone may be of the same, but the physician feels that after menopause, women are more likely to suffer from this disease than in estrogen deficiency. Usually, the areas that are damaged in this area are called waist, waist, wrist, knee and spine.

3. Medical :

This disease may be due to the deficiency of calcium. For which calcium needs to be eaten according to its needs, but of course, according to the doctor's advice. At the same time, necessary bone and body needs minerals and nutritious food. Since this is a one-way process, you can not expect that the treatment will bring you back to the state. Therefore, painkiller reliance on extra pain and the necessary medicines that slow down your bone loss. But all this is for you to know. Treat your doctor only with the advice of the doctor.

4. Remedies :

Not in the sense that there is no remedy. But changing your lifestyle can bring some benefits. Sitting from one place to another, sitting down the neck, or sitting on the computer is never good for you. Excessive fat is in favor of harmful body. It's better to stop using tobacco or alcohol. If things like fast food or addiction destroy your remaining organs, they also lose the ability to eat the necessary minerals, which may affect your bone.

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