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Why is regular health checkup urgent?

         Benefits of regular health checkup 

you have to do your own self-examination on your own initiative. Health checkups need to be done for any minor symptoms or awareness.

Why to checkup :

At present our lifestyle has changed. Because of this, there are various types of problems in the grain bind. In the current busy years, we can not keep for ourselves a long time. Instead of home-made foods, they have to eat outside food. Increasingly among the people, tensions, anxiety And we now generally do very little physical work, reduce the walkways. As a result, many diseases are getting worse. There are also some hereditary causes of illness. Such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.

One thing we must believe is that it is best to prevent disease after treating nurse in the body. So once a year, go to the doctor to check-up. If a diagnosis is possible in the initial stage, many problems will be solved. So regular checkups for healthy life and longevity.

Most of our people tend to go to the doctor after the disease, after the disease. However, regular health check-ups should be done beforehand. In any case, the risk of serious formation decreases. For this reason, regular health checks can warn from various physical problems. As a result, it is possible to prevent disease beforehand. So regular checkups are necessary for the better living conditions of the people.

What Do checkups :

Your blood pressure, blood sugar measurement, kidney function, these will be checked regularly. Besides, cholesterol, blood sugar intake, hemoglobin test, kidney, i-checkup. As well as height and weight, the diet prescription will be done.

1. Regularly check your body's hemoglobin, white particles (cells) and platelets. It is CBC checkup. Blood is tested in the machine or microscope. The minimum level of hemoglobin is 13 grams of D.L. If you go down, patient may be infected with anemia. Dengue fever increases if the amount of platelets in the virus increases.

2. Diabetes testing should be done regularly. HBA1C test for the last three months to know how the blood glucose level was. If the level of HBAnance is below six, it is good to up to seven. Extra and up to seven percent is not considered to be under the control of diabetes. Of course, the doctor's health was resolved.

3. There is also a TSH test to see the thyroid gland measure. This test should be done to determine if there is hyperthyroidism in the body.

4. Blood fat content should also be tested. This is why Serum Lipid profile test. Triglycerite, low density lipoprotein (LDL), high density lipoprotein (HDL) and full cholesterol levels are observed through this. Cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, so check regular cholesterol.

5. Regular kidney function should be evaluated. Blood tests of urea, serum creatinine, serum electrolytes are seen in the kidney function test. Symptoms of kidney disease are increased in serum urea and creatinine levels. For some reasons, increased levels of creatinine may increase the levels of urea and creatinine due to excessive dehydration, bleeding, etc. If there is abnormal levels in the test, the nephrologist will have to go.

6. Syrup uric acid test is to see the amount of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid can cause acute pain in the body. If uric acid increases, then go to the doctor. There may be problems with kidney and gast or joints.

7. The liver performance is also seen by checking the regular liver function. Of these, serum bilubin, SGPT etc. were examined. Whether one is diagnosed with jaundice or is seen through this test. With serum albumin is also seen. If water is below normal temperature, water can come in the body.

8. Hepatitis B is an epidemic disease for us. Hepatitis B is tested by HBSAG and Antihbes. If it is detected in an active or inactive condition, it must go to the gastrointestrologist.

9. Regular ECG needs to be done. Through this, heart conditions are examined. This is mainly determined by whether or not there are Eridema or Isammamic heart disease.

10. Chest of regular X-rays to keep the body healthy. It is seen in the condition of the various parts of the chest. This test is also known as respiratory infection or pneumonia. Also, whether the heart is larger than usual, the lung water is also tested. And with the ultrasangogram, the stones in the gallbladder, the proper structure of the inner organs are seen. To understand the embryo's condition, during pregnancy, make regular ultrasaction.

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